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2mm Ferrite Shielding, Beads, Pkg of 25
77 Material, E-Cores and Bobbin
77 Material, Fair Rite "E" Ferrite Cores, Pkg of 2
8-pin Mounted Ferrite Toroid
Amidon, FT-290-77
Ferrite Amidon, FT-290-77
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Epoxy 3C90 Ferrite Core Toroid #TX26/15/20-3C90
Ferrite Bar, Size 12 x 4 x 62 mm
Ferrite Bead on a wire, 4.8uH
Ferrite Shielding Beads, Pkg of 100
Ferrite Shielding, Dual Beads x10
Ferrite Toroidal Cores, Pkg of 2

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