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Red, LR 1707R Hex Display
4-Digit Clock, 7-Segment Display
QDSP-K347, 7-segment display
Yellow 1-digit 7-Segment Display
Hewlett Packard, 7-Segment Red Display
HP, HDSP-2451 Alphanumeric Display
Fairchild, FCS8024 4-Digit 7-Segment Display
Foryard, 5611AB Blue 7-Segment Display
HP Diode, 5082-7611 7-Segment Display
HP Diode, 5082-7610 7-Segment Display
Avago, HDSP-0762 Alphanumeric Display
LED Display Assortment - Pkg of 25
TIL311, LED Display with Decoder.
7-Segment LED, Red 4-Digit Display
TIL305, LED Display with Decoder.
Seven segment Red LED display, single digit
MAX7219CNG, LED Matrix/Digit Display Driver
Kingbright, 1" Green LED 7 Segment DisplayKingbright, 1" Green LED 7 Segment Display
General Instrument, Yellow LED Display
7-Segment LED, Red 1-Digit Display
General Instrument,  Twin LED DISPLAY
3-1/2 Digit LED, Panel Meter, 5v3-1/2 Digit LED, Panel Meter, 5v
SHARP, 12 Bar LED strip #GL-112T13

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