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Assortment of DC Hobby Motors Pkg of 6
Super Mini Motor, 1.5VDC @ 60mA
High Torque 1-5VDC, Mini Motor
BEI TECHNOLOGIES INC., 5-8 VDC 3500-6500 RPM motor
Buehler, 12v, 3000RPM DC Motor and Generator
Mabuchi, DC Motor, 8-18V
Geared DC Motor, Ratio 1:48
Mabuchi, 12V DC Motor
Mystery motor with pickup, 12VDC
Jundi, DC Motor 12-24V
Geared DC Motor, Ratio 1:90
Mabuchi, DC Motor 6-24V
Geared DC Motor, Ratio 1:180
Geared DC Motor, Ratio 1:150
Mabuchi, DC Motor 12-28V
High Speed, Synchronous Motors from Drives
Canon, DC Motor - 12V, 0.9W
Velleman, 3V DC Motor
RC Mini Motor with Long Shaft, 3-6v VDC
Mini Hobby Motor, 2.7 VDC,
Low noise Hobby Motor, 3-15 VDC
Low noise Hobby Motor. 5-40 VDC,
Mabuchi, 2-8 VDC Hobby MOTOR
Vibration Micro Motor 1.5-3V

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