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Mabuchi, DC Motor 12-28V
Buehler, 12v, 3000RPM DC Motor and Generator
Low noise Hobby Motor, 3-15 VDC
Mabuchi, DC Motor, 8-18V
Super Mini Motor, 1.5VDC @ 60mA
Geared DC Motor, Ratio 1:48
High Torque 24VDC, 600W Brushless MotorHigh Torque 24VDC, 600W Brushless Motor
12VDC Vibrating motor with Offset weight12VDC Vibrating motor with Offset weight
12VDC Gear Motor, 12V, 500mA, 100 RPM12VDC Gear Motor, 12V, 500mA, 100 RPM
6-24 VDC 1:84 Ratio Compact Gear Motor6-24 VDC 1:84 Ratio Compact Gear Motor
Merkle-Korff, 24V Motor with StirrerMerkle-Korff, 24V Motor with Stirrer
Mabuchi, DC Motor 2-8V, 14260rpmMabuchi, DC Motor 2-8V, 14260rpm
Japanese Disk Drive MotorJapanese Disk Drive Motor
12VDC Motor on Floppy drive PCB12VDC Motor on Floppy drive PCB
DC Motor, 11,800 RPM @ 12Vdc, 0.56A
12V DC Motor with Plastic Gear and Rear Shaft
Assortment of DC Hobby Motors Pkg of 6
High Torque 1-5VDC, Mini Motor
BEI TECHNOLOGIES INC., 5-8 VDC 3500-6500 RPM motor
Mystery motor with pickup, 12VDC
Jundi, DC Motor 12-24V
Geared DC Motor, Ratio 1:90
Geared DC Motor, Ratio 1:180

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