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Electret Condenser Microphone, 30-17000 Hz
Subminature Piezo-ceramic Microphone ED-29689Subminature Piezo-ceramic Microphone ED-29689
4Ohm , 5W, 4.5" Round Speaker and Grille Combo Set4Ohm , 5W, 4.5" Round Speaker and Grille Combo Set
Handheld Computer Microphone with 8-ft. cord
Ultrasonic Sensor Transducer Receiver, 20V RMS
Murata 4Khz Piezo Disc
Star Productions 12V, 30mA Buzzer, 2.300hz, 85dBA
PC-Mount 6v Buzzer
Knowles Subminature Magnetic Receiver
Aiwa style In-Ear Stereo Headphones
Lightweight Padded Stereo Headphones
Low impedance Mono Headphones
Knowles, Subminature Microphone # BL-23958
Electret Condenser Boom MicrophoneElectret Condenser Boom Microphone
2KHz-20KHz, 1W Piezo Horn Tweeter Speaker
Bukdoo, 10W Tweeter Speaker, 2-20 KHz, 4 Ohm

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