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Peak Atlas ZEN50 Diode Tester

Peak Electronics

  • $ 6995

The new Peak Atlas ZEN50 tests zeners, avalanche diodes, VDR's, TVS's and much more up to 50V! These are brand new and come with a full 1 year manufacturer warranty from Peak.
Key Features :
  • Supports most Zeners, Avalanche diodes and reference diodes from 0V up to 50V.

  • Great for testing VDRs, TVSs and other types of voltage protection devices.

  • Selectable test currents: 2mA, 5mA, 10mA and 15mA.

  • Tiny duty cycle of test current to minimise heating of your component even when testing at 50V and 15mA.

  • Measures breakdown voltage (0.00V to 50.00V) with a resolution as fine as 20mV.

  • Measures slope resistance (up to 1kΩ at 15mA with a 1Ω resolution).

  • Single Alkaline AAA battery (included).

  • Long battery life and regulated test conditions even when the battery voltage is as low as 1.0V.

  • Test voltages are below levels described in the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.

  • Continuous measurement display (updated 3 times per second).

  • Measurement "hold" function to hold displayed values even if component is removed.

  • Fitted gold plated crocodile (alligator) clips.

  • Very comprehensive printed user guide.

  • 24 month warranty.

      Product includes very comprehensive printed User Guide, please also see our Discussion Forum for advice on operation.
      Video of the ZEN50 in action 

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