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This is the most advanced Peak ESR meter on the market and has features including “Audible Alerts” and an enhanced measurement range from 0 to 40 ohms with a resolution as low as 0.01 ohms. This remarkably fine resolution is great for assessing large capacitors and even allows you to use the Atlas ESR70 for tracing short-circuits and finding the precise area of a PCB that has that invisible wisp of solder. Every measurement of ESR will be shown on the display, but the unit will also produce a variety of tones depending on the value of ESR. And the tones themselves are surprising pleasant, including “Bell-like” pings (a couple of different types for ESR that is below certain values), and also a “Beep-Barp” type tone for ESR that is likely to be too high. There is also a reassuring “Blip” when the measurement has started and completed.  

Supplied fully assembled, tested and aligned. This is an indispensable piece of test equipment for a system designer or product technician! Now includes the new gold plated 2mm plugs and sockets allowing use of different probe types. Supplied with gold plated crocs as standard, others available as an option. Cable length 450mm (18")

Key Features

  • Measures Capacitance and ESR of electronic capacitors.
  • Suitable for any capacitor type electrolytics, ceramics, mica, poly, motor capacitors, smoothing capacitors, electrolytics, polypropylenes, in fact any dielectric type.
  • Automatic analysis start when applying probes to capacitor.
  • New enhanced dynamic range of 0.01 to 40.0 ohms.
  • Audible alerts for various ESR levels.
  • ESR Resolution as fine as 0.01 ohms.
  • Supports all types of capacitors from 1uF to 22,000uF. 
  • Capable of In-Circuit measurement of ESR. 
  • Polarity free, connect any way round. 
  • Protected against highly charged capacitors.
  • Great for low DC resistance checking too (such as PCB short checking).
  • Supplied complete with 2mm male test leads and 2mm compatible gold plated crocs.
  • Test leads are ultra-durable and 45cm (18") long with 2mm plugs.
  • Enhanced software compensation of cable resistance.
  • Complete with comprehensive user guide.
  • Capacitor reference table included.
  • Tests at the industry standard 100kHz. 
  • Long life alkaline battery fitted.
  • Auto power-off after 45 seconds of inactivity.
  • Just 103mm x 70mm x 20mm (4.1" x 2.8" x 0.8")

    Great Service Aid

    Measuring a capacitor's ESR (equivalent series resistance) is a great indicator of capacitor condition. The Atlas ESR70 offers instant results, just connect the probes and press test. You can even use the Atlas ESR70 in-circuit, saving you the trouble of removing capacitors. When testing capacitors out-of-circuit, the unit will also display the capacitance.

    All You Need

    Traditionally, ESR can be a tricky thing to measure, which is a shame, it's a very useful diagnostic parameter. Of course, ESR meters are available from various sources, some are very famous in the repair sector, but the Atlas ESR70 is more than just another ESR meter. For a start, it's smart, both in looks and in brain. It can measure and compensate for the effects of measuring in-circuit, it also knows that you don't want to be hassled with capacitor polarity.


    Oh yes, it's designed with the real world in mind. Some capacitors can be charged up, a lot, but the Atlas ESR70 doesn't mind. If your capacitor is charged, the unit will automatically carry out a controlled discharge procedure before measuring the capacitance and ESR.

    For more info see the ESR70 Datasheet

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    Peak Atlas  User Guide

    Upgrading from ESR60 to ESR70 then see the Peak Atlas ESR Support Page.

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