Peak Atlas DCA55/75 Adapter for Testing SOT23 Package Parts

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This beautiful SOT23 test adapter is designed to complement your DCA55 or your DCA75 (or any other semiconductor tester). It's extremely easy to use thanks to the special spring-loaded SOT23 socket assembly. Your SOT23 part is gently and securely held against gold plated sprung contacts with a carefully controlled contact force. The adapter is designed to look like a giant SOT23 part, so it's easy to visualise the pinout of the part inside when using the DCA55 or DCA75. The unit is supported on 4 non-slip feet which also serves to keep the unit slightly raised from your work surface allowing for easier connections using micro-hooks or croc clips. The large area gold plated pads are also great for multimeter prods (SOT23).
Summary Specifications
Suitability SOT23 3 pins
Max current capability 100mA
Max voltage capability (1) 50Vac, 75Vdc
SOT23 contact material Gold flash
SOT23 contact resistance <10mΩ
Test pad contact material Gold flash
Pad-pad track resistance (2) <20mΩ
Temperature Range (3) -34°C to 65°C
-55°C to 155°C
Weight 13 grams
Dimensions 50 x 60 x 15mm

View of both sides
(1) To comply with Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.
(2) Measured between both "red" pads, or both "green" pads, or both "blue" pads.
(3) Temperature range of -34°C to 65°C limited by polyethylene feet. Limit of the rest of the assembly is -55°C to 155°C.

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