Noise-Making Rattlesnake Egg Magnets (2-Pack)

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$ 8.95


When magnetically drawn together, these magnets mimic the sound of a rattlesnake's tail (which can potentially scare away animals, and even people)-great for hand/eye coordination exercises, games, tricks and so much more, depending on your creativity!


• Option 1: Place magnets at least some inches apart on a non-magnetic surface. Then, move them closer toward each other until the magnetic force naturally pulls them together.

• Option 2: Toss both magnets up in the air until they connect by the magnetic force.

WARNING: Please keep away from children under the age of 5. This product may present a choking hazard.

2-pack magnets
Dimensions: 1-11/16" x 9/16" dia.
Metallic black color; Oval-shaped
Can produce the sound of a rattlesnake's tail
Great for coordination exercises, games, tricks and more

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