Milwaukee MA918B/1 Refillable Combination pH Probe

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The MA918B/1 is a lab grade refillable glass electrode with a conic tip designed for fast accurate measurements in all applications.

Design Features:

The MA918B/1 probe makes pH testing easy and fast.

Top features include:

Triple Junction
The triple reference design reduces risk of clogging with the reference cell physically separated from the intermediate electrolyte.

The MA918B/1 is refillable with MA9011 3.5M KCl+AgCl electrolyte. This solution is sliver free. Sliver can cause silver precipitate to form at the junction resulting in clogging. Clogging causes erratic and slow readings. The ability to refill the electrolyte also extends the life of the electrode.

Glass body
The glass body is easily cleaned and resistant to chemicals.

Conic tip
The conic design of the tip provides the largest possible surface area for faster readings and is well suited for testing in many applications.

Care and Use
Properly maintaining your pH probe will give you fast, accurate results for longer.

Here are our top four tips.

1. Always store with the cap full of buffer or storage solution not water.

2. Clean your probe regularly by soaking in cleaning solution.

3. Calibrate after cleaning and/or storage before testing to adjust for changes in the pH probe sensor.

4. Gently stir the probe in the sample for a faster result.

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