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Mabuchi FF-030PA-08250 (FF-030PA-GD034202), a popular motor used in CD/DVD drives, etc. Can be operated in either direction, simply reverse power supply polarity. Two tapped mounting holes on 10mm centers, ISO M2.0 x 0.4. No-load rating: 6VDC, 41mA, 10,500 RPM. Solder terminals.

Manufacturer: Mabuchi

Model: FF-030PA-08250

Recommended operating voltage range: 2.0 V DC to 8 V DC

Nominal voltage: 6 V DC

No load speed: 10,500 RPM

No load current: 41 mA

Full load (maximum efficiency @ 6 V DC) performance characteristics:

Speed: 8,000 RPM

Current: 130 mA

Torque: 4.3 g-cm (.42 mN-m)

Power output: .35 Watts

Stall torque: 19 g-cm (1.86 mN-m)

Stall current: 430mA

Shaft dimensions: 5.5 mm Long x 1.5 mm Diameter

Dimensions (not including shaft): 18.6mm Long x 12mm High x 15.5 mm Diameter

Features 2 threaded mounting holes (JIS M2.0 x 0.4)

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