LT1056CN8 Linear Tech, JFET Op. Amp, Vs=20v, Ios=20pA, Is=7mA, Offset =150µV

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LT1056CN8 Precision, High Speed, JFET Input Operational AmplifierLinear Tech, JFET Op. Amp, Vs=20v, Ios=20pA, Is=7mA, Offset =150µV in 8-pin DIP package. The LT®1055/LT1056 JFET input operational amplifiers combine precision specifications with high speed performance. For the first time, 16V/µs slew rate and 6.5MHz gain bandwidth product are simultaneously achieved with offset voltage of typically 50µV, 1.2µV/°C drift, bias currents of 40pA at 70°C and 500pA at 125°C

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