LM308N Precision Operational Amplifier, Vs=20v, Io=0.2nA, Is=0.3mA, Pm=500mW

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Operational amplifier LM308N , Vs=20v, Io=0.2nA, Is=0.3mA, Pm=500mW in a 8 pin DIP package. The LM308N is a high-performance operational amplifier (op-amp) integrated circuit that provides exceptional accuracy and stability in a wide range of applications. With its advanced design and precise specifications, this versatile chip is an essential component in a wide range of electronic circuits, from audio amplifiers to signal conditioning circuits and more.

The LM108/208/308 series are precision operational amplifiers having specifications a factor of ten better than FET amplifiers over a 55C to 125C temperature range. The devices operate with supply voltages from 2V to 20V and have sufficient supply rejection to use unregulated supplies. Although the circuit is interchangeable with and uses the same compensation as the LM101A, an alternate compensation scheme can be used to make it particularly insensitive to power supply noise and to make supply bypass capacitors unnecessary. The low current error of the LM108 series makes possible many designs that are not practical with conventional amplifiers. In fact, it operates from 10 MOhm source resistances, introducing less error than devices like the 709 with 10 kohm sources. Integrators with drifts less than 500 mV/sec and analog time delays in excess of one hour can be made using capacitors no larger than 1mF. The LM308 is guaranteed from 0C to 70C.

Key Features
Maximum input bias current of 3nA overtemperature
Offset current less than 400pA over temperature
Supply current of only 300uA even in saturation
Guaranteed drift characteristics

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