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Fully Assembled Anatek Blue Ring "Q" Meter


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The successor to the famous Bob Parker FBT/LOPT kit and companion to the Blue ESR meter kit. This Ring Tester, built 100% in the USAis fully assembled an inexpensive and effective way to test any high Q inductive component. It is especially useful for doing a quick check on flyback transformers, line output transformers and other inductive components like deflection yoke windings and SMPS transformers.  Full Anatek 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

A high Q factor is a characteristic of low loss inductive components. A shorted turn or coil will show no rings. A shorted FBT diode will show few or no rings. The Blue ring tester gives you a measure of the "Q" factor of a inductive component.

Features of the Blue Ring Tester :

  • Supplied fully assembled, calibrated and working! 
  • Anatek Blue Ring instructions and manual online
  • One foot test leads made with super flexible test lead wire and crocodile clips
  • Tests inductors in circuit and test leads are non-polarized
  • Easy-to-read, high brightness red, yellow and green LEDs display the Q of the device being tested
  • Simple operation for fast easy diagnosis of faulty inductive components.
  • Ideal for testing flyback transformers, Horizontal yoke coils, B+ coils, SMPS primary windings, Fluorescent ballast/chokes and any other type of coils that have an inductance value of > 0.3 uH.
  • Built in Silicon Valley California, USA

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    See a written review by Jestine Yong and refer to our discussion forum for advice on operation.

    Blue Ring Tester Video #1,  Video#2 and Video #3

    The LEDs on the left side show the Q of the device being tested. Essentially, the more LED's light up => higher Q of the device under test.

      • No lights = Short circuit
      • Red = Bad or low Q
      • Yellow = Medium Q
      • Green = Good or High Q

    From our Past Customers on the Web: 

    I'll tell you why I DO feel lucky, and that's having purchased from someone who still understands the meaning of customer service! That goes a long way in my book (well, if I had a book)" - Tod

    Works great and arrived on time. I use this with my Oscilloscope to show how ringing is produced in a coil and cap tank circuit and is useful for testing coils for shorts - Henry 

    Awesome! really works, diagnosed a bad coil in 3 alternators fields in 10 minutes - Ed

    "Thank you very much for the Blue ESR and Blue RT kits. They worked out very well and I can honestly highly recommend your kits. I am very impressed with the quality of your kits and the detail that you provided to make the assembly absolutely painless" - George

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