Axial Electrolytic Bipolar Capacitor, 15uF 100V, 105C, Tolerance ±20%

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15uF 100V, RoHs 1KHz Bipolar Miniature Aluminum Axial Electrolytic Capacitor. Size 10 x 26 mm, Tolerance ±20%, 105Deg C, leads min 35mm. Long Operating Life, 2,000 hours/105℃. Exhibits reliable performance in circuits with reversible polarity.

Bipolar electrolytic capacitors which may be operated with either polarity are also made, using special constructions with two anodes connected in series. A bipolar electrolytic capacitor can also be made by connecting two normal electrolytic capacitors in series, anode to anode or cathode to cathode. Because of their higher capacitance values, electrolytic capacitors are most often used in coupling caps in audio preamps and power amps, crossover capacitors in loudspeaker systems and motor start applications.

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