Amidon, AB-240-250 Antenna Balun Kit

AmidonSKU: AB_240_250

$ 38.95


1 KiloWatt Antenna Balun Kit contains FT-240-K Core (ID: 1.37" x OD: 2.35") w/12.5Ft. #14 Wire & Teflon Tube. This also includes a copy of the "Transmission line Transformer Handbook".

Ham eForum Fedback "I used this kit to make a 4:1 current balun to use on an 80 meter OCF antenna and the antenna turned out great and works well on 80 and 40, and other bands, but my primary concern was for 80 and 40m. the internal tuner in a FT-450D is able to tune it ok on multiple bands. The kit comes with plenty of wire and teflon insulation and the toroid core is perfect for the HF bands. I put it inside a 4" square PVC box that is not included in the kit. This balun kit is great for making a 4:1 current balun for OCF wire antennas". 

The product datasheet is available here to view

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