2KW Antenna Balun Kit #AB-300A-10

Balun KitSKU: AB_300A_10

$ 42.14


2KW Antenna Balun Kit. One T-300A core (
2 Material,
Permeability (µ) = 10,
Frequency Range 2 Mhz - 30 Mhz,
Color = Red,
Inner Diameter: 1.930 in,
Outer Diameter: 3.040 in,
Height: 1.000 in,
AL Value: 228 µH/100 Turns)
with 14 ft of 14 AWG copper wire plus PTFE tube used for 1:1 or 4:1 kilwatt balun for beams, quads, Vees, Windoms or Dipoles. Power 2 KW PEP ICAS. Datasheet : [link removed]

The product datasheet is available here to view

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