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12-Piece Spatula, Carver, Pick Tool Set

12-Piece Spatula, Carver, Pick Tool Set


  • $ 1295

12 piece stainless steel, double ended, spatula, carver, & pick tip set. Knurled handles for better grip. Each 6" carver is made of stainless steel to eliminate rust and shaped for balance and comfort, set comes in plastic pouch. These tools are excellent for hollowing out the underside of wax rings and bracelets, preparing thick or heavy areas before casting, quick wax removal, and loading wax. Numerous other uses for this versatile set include: amateur and professional taxidermy, cleaning archaeological artifacts, uncovering and cleaning fossils and shells, woodworking and furniture refinishing, wood and clay carving, soap and candle carving, computer and mechanical work, doll making, repairs, ceramics, mosaics, pottery work, and so much more!

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