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Shipping Charges

Shipping Charges - USA

We typically ship within 24 business hours of order, our USA shipping charges are :
  • Economy 1st Class Package, 0.1 lb - 0.95 lb is $4.50
  • Priority Small Package, 0.1 lb - 4 lb is $7.55
  • Priority Mail Package,  4 lb - 15 lb is $18.95
  • Express Mail,  0.1 lb - 5 lb is $42.95
  • UPS Ground, 0.1 lb - 5 lb is $18.00
  • UPS Ground, 5 lb - 15 lb is $38.00
Note : We do offer a "will-call" pick up for our local Bay Area customers. We will refund your shipping costs after you collect the order. Please call the shipping department to schedule a time to pickup between 10am and 2pm pacific.
Typical Domestic shipping times are :
  • USPS Economy mail is 3-12 days, across the USA
  • USPS Priority is 2-5 days, 2 days in California, 5 days to New York
  • USPS Express mail is 1 day, 95% of the time across the USA
  • UPS Ground is 1-5 Days 1 day in California, 5 days to New York

Shipping Charges - OVERSEAS

Buyers located outside the United States must agree to the following terms/conditions before we are able to arrange shipping to a destination outside the USA: By placing an order on this site you are hereby authorizing Anatek to import the goods on your behalf. Further, you agree that we will delegate the obligation to import the goods on your behalf to a subcontractor, e.g. a customs broker like UPS or DHL, and you agree to pay any assessed taxes, duties and brokerage fees to the subcontractor before your package will be delivered, else your order and any payment will be forfeit.
New : We now offer an INTERNATIONAL DDP (Import Duty Paid) shipping option for our customers where import duties can be paid up front by yourselves and packages will be shipped directly to your door without waiting for local customs import charges. This is available for most countries without an USA embargo.
We will ship as per your instructions and will assist you in any way we can, but we cannot modify our invoices to reduce customs charges.
Our Overseas shipping charges are :
  • Expedited International Small Package, 0.1 lb - 4 lb is $32.95
  • Expedited International Small Package. DDP 0.1 lb - 4 lb is $52.95
  • Expedited International Large Package, 4 lb - 15 lb, $64.95
  • Expedited International Large Package, DDP 4 lb - 15 lb, $84.95
Typical International shipping times are :
  • Expedited International Package, 5-8 days, 95% of destinations
Please note we do have cheaper rates on packages to Canada for both priority and expedited mail.
Our Canada shipping charges are :
  • Economy Small Package, 0.1 lb - 4lb is $16.95
  • Expedited  Small Package, 0.1 lb - 4 lb is $26.95
  • Expedited Large Package, 4 lb - 15 lb, $38.95