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QUESTION NO. P090503-6: Looking for a replacement or equivalent part for ON Semi Sidac MKP3V120.

Teccor's Sidac type K1200G (axial case) could be a replacement for MKP3V120. If a TO92 case-style will fit, Teccor's type K1200E70 is the TO92 equivalent, and is listed by Mouser Electronics ( and Digikey Corp. ( 

QUESTION NO. P71703-6: I need information on SSP45N20A or equivalent part or substitute.

Fairchild has replaced SSP45N20A with SSP45N20B, which is rated at 200 Volts, 35 Amps, 176 Watts, in a TO220 case. Try Mouser Electronics ( for SSP45N20B, or for its self-insulated TO220F version, SSS45N20B.

QUESTION NO. P61903-2: I need information on CET CBB703AL or equivalent part or substitute.

If you misread the part, Chino-Excel (CET) makes CEB703AL, which is a 30 Volt, 40 Amp, 50 Watt, N-channel logic-level Mosfet, TO263 case. Among its possible substitutes are Fairchild's FDB6035AL and Vishay's SUB45N03-13L (both listed by Mouser Electronics,, and IRF's IRL3103S (listed by Digikey Corp,

QUESTION NO. P61303-9: I need a substitute of SSS7N60A mosfet power transistor. Is it the same as IRFIBC40G?

IRFIBC40G is similar to SSS7N60A, and should substitute for it.

QUESTION NO. P61003-4: I need a cross for Opto isolator # moc 3052, at least need to know if output device is triac, trans, etc.

MOC3052 uses a Triac rated for 600 Volts, and guaranteed to trigger with 10 mA current to the LED. It is NOT a zero-crossing-circuit device. Digikey ( is listing MOC3052M, a Fairchild-brand MOC3052. Also, an equivalent opto-triac device is Toshiba's TLP3052.

QUESTION NO. P50603-7: I need the equivalent of burned Mosfets number A 901 and P55 NE.

Try for better result you need the manufacturer name, if only have a logo, you can go to (you have to register) and identify manufacturer by the logo.

QUESTION NO. P60503-2: I am looking for a substitute or equivalent for ADG608 8-input to 1 output analog mutiplexer of Analog Devices; High speed is the main point.

An equivalent for the ADG608 is the MAX4638 made by Maxim/Dallas semiconductor. Go to

QUESTION NO. P51303-2: Trying to locate data or equivalent for a STK499-070, unable to find in Australia.

You can get it by mail from the Philippines Usual cost is about $17 Au for post by AMEX etc plus cost of part.

QUESTION NO. P51203-8: I need information of CEP6060R or equivalent part or substitute.

CEP6060R is a 60 Volt, 60 Amp, 100 Watt, Rds[on] < 0.025 ohm, N-channel Mosfet. IRFZ44V, listed by Digikey (; STP55NF06 or FQP65N06, listed by Mouser Electronics ( are possible substitutes, among others.

QUESTION NO. P50803-1: I am looking for a cross reference for an (HA2-2510-2) Operational Amplifier. It is an obsolete part originally manufactured by Harris. I can't find a data sheet.

HA2-2510-2 is a unity-gain compensated, high-speed/fast-settling bipolar OpAmp, resembling an upgraded/faster version of the LM118H (but LM118 might NOT work as a cross, without checking the circuit). The 'HA2' indicates a TO99 metal can package, and the '-2' indicates the military-grade device, with a working temperature range from -55 to +125 degrees C. Pinout is 1) Balance; 2) -Input; 3) +Input; 4) -Vsupply; 5) Balance; 6) Output; 7) +Vsupply; 8) Compensation. HA2-2510-2 runs on dual supplies, from +/-5V to +/-20V, and its inputs withstand differential input voltages of +/-15V (unlike LM118). HA2-2510-2 has a typical fT of 12 MHz, 1 MHz power-bandwidth, slew rate of about 60 V/usec, and settling time (0.1%) of 250 nsec. For a cross with similar speed, a Fet-input OpAmp might be easier to find. Linear Technology's LT1122 OpAmp (military temperature range available), or Analog Device's OP-42AJ (TO99 package, military temperature range), might substitute. Their pinouts are similar to HA2-2510-2, except that OP-42 is n/c for pin 8, and in LT1122, pin 8 is Compensation or Boost. Check your circuit, to see how pin 8 is wired. Being Fet-types, their input currents are lower, and they also have lower offset-voltage specs, than does HA2-2510-2. If your application does not require the full military temperature range, the industrial/commercial temperature-range OpAmp versions will be lower in cost.
That obsolete part is available at Lintech Components.

QUESTION NO. P42103-9: I'm looking for a reference from NTE part numbers to alternative part numbers not from NTE. They tend to cost less. The NTE on line reference only goes one way and in my case it's the wrong way.

QUESTION NO. P41403-7: What is the cross for RC4152 Voltage to frequency converter?

RC4152 has the same pinout as LM331, so you could use LM331 or LM331A. But the reference voltage at pin 2 is typically 1.9V for LM331, versus 2.25V typically for RC4152, so the resistor value used off pin 2 of a LM331 would need to be decreased correspondingly from that used with a RC4152, to obtain the same frequency, as a circuit with an RC4152 would provide.

QUESTION NO. P40403-5: Need a source or sub for bry55-4.

BRY55-4 is the marking code for Motorola's SCR type BRY55-200. You could try your suppliers using the actual part number. Possible substitutes include SCR type 2N5064, Teccor's type EC103B, ST Micro's type P0102BA, and NTE 5404, available from sources like Mouser Electronics, and Digikey, among others.
That part is available at Lintech Components.

QUESTION NO. P31703-3: What replacement options are there for a RM10Z silicon rectifier diode?

The Sanken RM10Z is rated 200 Volts, 1.5 Amps (120A surge). Possible replacement, depending on the circuit, might be 1N5402, NTE156, NTE156A, or many others.

QUESTION NO. P31303-2: The N-channel MOSFET's 2SK118, are these enhancement or depletion mode?

2SK118 is depletion-mode, but it is a JFET, not a Mosfet, rated at 50 Volts, 10 mA, 0.1 Watt.

QUESTION NO. P21703-3: Am looking for a US equivalent to German transistor BF185.

BF185 is a Philips device, so its Holland, Eindhoven I believe. This is an old RF transistor, NTE have a substitute but I would continue the search for the correct one as this is not an easy one. BF198 or BF 200 may do as well.
The transistor you are looking for is a NPN,si-video-IF amp TO 72 BF 185, can be replaced for NTE 161.

QUESTION NO. P20703-6: I need a cross on part SB3052P a 28-pin SSOP, believed to be a step down power supply controller. Could the Maxim 1630 range be the same and if so which variation?

The MAX786 or Vishay equivalent of Si786.

QUESTION NO. P20703-7: Looking for any info on a component what looks like Texas Instruments 8340 or 71719, probably a triac, part of a motor control circuit, in a Kenwood Chef food processor.

Response from Texas Instruments: "this is a device made especially for a customer in 1983. Our policy does not allow us to disclose any information on ASICs."

QUESTION NO. P12703-3: Looking for a cross reference for a Philips PRLL5819.

PRLL5819 is a surface-mount (SMD), 40 Volt, 1 Amp Schottky rectifier. Its cylindrical SOD87 package is shorter than the cylindrical DL-41 package used for many 1 Amp SMD Schottky's, so fitting a DL-41 type to SOD87 lands might be a problem. Some 1 Amp SMD Schottky's, although not cylindrical, have the correct length to fit the lands for a SOD87. Vishay's SL04; Diodes,Inc.'s 1N5819HW; and Toshiba's CRS04, are examples of these types.

QUESTION NO. P10903-6: I need the equivalent & datasheet of C5027-R (possibly 2SC...) made by Faichild and SEC and it is in a PC PSU.

The full number is KSC5027-R. The R suffix indicates a gain bracket of 15-30. Fairchild's KSC5027 datasheet is at The NTE 2339, although it has an insulated case, appears electrically equivalent to KSC5027.

QUESTION NO. P121302-10: I need the equivalent & datasheet of MOSFET K 2605 , K 2141, K1117, K1118.

If the original Mosfets are desired, 2SK2605, 2SK2141, 2SK1117, and 2SK1118 are all stocked by B&D Enterprises ( B&D also has their (PDF) datasheets, at , ,, . The 2SK2605 is rated 800 Volts, 5 Amps, 45 Watts, and has internal gate protection. Possible substitutes include FS5KM-16A or FS7KM-16A. If gate protection is not an issue (or provided externally), then STP5NB80 with an insulator, or FQPF7N80, can work. 2SK1117 is a rated 600 Volts, 6 Amps, and is equivalent to IRFBC40, IRFBC40A, or NTE/ECG 2379. 2SK1118 and 2SK2141 are also rated 600 Volts, 6 Amps, but have self-insulated packages; they can be considered equivaent to IRFIBC40G (or IRFBC40A, NTE2379, with insulators added). In some situations, a 2SK1507 or IRFIB6N60A device could be a stronger substitute for these two self-insulated 600 Volt Mosfets.

QUESTION NO. P111902-3: I am looking for a substitute or data for transistor M1661M.

This could be TM1661M, which is a Triac, and would test differently from a transistor. TM1661 is rated 600 Volts, 16 Amps(rms). ST Micro's BTB16-600B might substitute for TM1661; Mouser Electronics ( is one source for BTB16-600.

QUESTION NO. P103102-2: MOSFET (K2828) that I believe is bad. Where could I find a cross-over part?

Hitachi's 2SK2828 is a 700 Volt Mosfet (TO3P case), and has built-in gate protection. Possible substitutes that have integral gate protection include FS10SM-16A, FS10SM-18A, FS14SM-16A, FS14SM-18A, and 2SK2607. Nationwide (, B&D Enterprises (, and LJ Enterprises ( list these types of Mosfets.

QUESTION NO. P110102-6: I have a component which looks like a resistor but it does not have any color accept black and checked with digital meter the continuity is 0.1. Is this resistor or other?
I believe this is what is called a Zero ohm link ie it is a link with a resistor body to enable auto insertion equipment to be able to handle it.

There are Zero-ohm components, which are used like jumper wires, and their resistor-like body permits automated PCB board insertion. Some brands of these use black resistor-band codes, to indicate zero ohms. Certain microfuses also may resemble this, but generally have some character markings on their case, to indicate a fuse rating.

QUESTION NO. P101702-5: Need a cross for stk-0040 Darlington pack. Cannot find this oem part anymore.

Available for $14 at

QUESTION NO. P101102-8: I need a replacement or source for-STP55NE06 and STP50N06. Will an IRFZ44 work?

To answer my own question, yes they will work. The STP50 and 55 are discontinued.
STP55NE06 and STP50N06, STP55NE06=ECG2941, STP50N06=ECG2395, IRFZ44=ECG2395,
STP55NF06 and STP60NE06 are available from Mouser Electronics (; they can replace the similar (older) STP55NE06 and STP50N06. IRFZ44 is similar in specs, as well, and should also work. These are all 60 Volt N-channel Mosfets, TO220 case, with R[ds] values under 0.024 ohms.

QUESTION NO. P91902-3: Need Cross Reference for MP1620 & MN2488, SK parts oem for Sony. They are available via Sony however I need them asap and I don't have time to wait for them to be shipped. I cannot seem to find a cross anywhere.

SanKen's PNP/NPN pair, 2SB1620 and 2SD2488, should be similar. Try Audio Lab of Georgia (http// for those devices.

QUESTION NO. P82802-6: I am looking for a substitute for Motorola SA10C.

SA10C is a 500 Watt, bidirectional TVS device, rated to hold at 10 Volts. Other manufacturers, than Motorola, also make these "SA" devices. Mouser Electronics ( lists General Semiconductor's version of SA10C, their part# is 625-SA10CA. Digikey ( lists Diodes Inc.'s version, their part# is SA10CADICT-ND. Also, an alternative substitute for SA10C, is P6KE12CA, which is a 600 Watt bidirectional TVS device.

QUESTION NO. P72302-9: I am looking for the optocoupler with phototransistor output to replace Vishay # TCLT1009. This has the isolation voltage 5Kv.

NEC's PS2501L-1 could substitute for this Vishay photocoupler. For closest match, the CTR ranking of the NEC PS2501L-1 would be class "L", but the standard type usually will work. Mouser Electronics and Digikey, among others, carry the NEC optoisolator line.

QUESTION NO. P71802-7: Is the STR S6706 the same as STR S6707? Is it possible to replace the S6706 with S6707?

Your ICs are not the same. If you do a search on Google you will find 7, 8, and 9 may be OK but 6 is not.

QUESTION NO. P71802-5: I need a cross reference/substitute for a 2SK2654 Mosfet (TO-3P), used on the front-end of a PC switching power supply. (160 Watt)

Possible substitutes for 2SK2654 include ECG/NTE 2377, 2SK962, 2SK1358, and STW8NB100.

QUESTION NO. P62402-10: I need any details about IC MC68HC705C8P and CXP50112-552Q and programming mode and software for programming.

There are a number of small programming machines that can program the ROM in the MC68HC705, and also program Eeproms or PIC devices; for example, the programmer at For some specifics on the programming of the MC68HC705, see the information in the file at The datasheet for CXP50112, located at,cxp50116.pdf provides the chip pinouts and timings, useful for its programming.

QUESTION NO. P62502-3: Need a replacement for or source for Vertical Deflection Circuit ST part #TDA8174A.

TDA8174A crosses to an NTE1858. See NTE's website,, for distributors.

QUESTION NO. P62002-10: I need a sub for mosfet fs7sm 16A.

FS7SM-16A is a Mitsubishi 7 Amp, 800 Volt, Rds[on] < 1.6 ohm, TO3P N-channel Mosfet. Mouser ( is listing ST Micro's Mosfet STW8NB80, which has similar specs. NTE2377 might also substitute, although its Crss capacitance is higher than for FS7SM-16A.

QUESTION NO. P61102-9: I need to have source or subs for part ST MORROCCO SGSI5461.

Check if the number is actually SGSIF461. If yes, that is a 850 Vces, 400 Vceo, 15 Amp, 57 Watt, ITO-218 transistor. NTE 2311 with an insulator might sub. You could also inquire from Nationwide ( whether SGSIF461 itself is available, or if SGSF461 (which would need an insulator added), is available.

QUESTION NO. P61302-9: Is transistor 2SC4664MNP-F the same as 2SC4664? If not, what is a sub for 2SC4664MNP-F?

2SC4664 is the same transistor. The MNP indicates the gain range of the device.

QUESTION NO. P61102-7: Where can I get triac SC265M2 from GE (stud mount) or any equivalent to 40A 600V?

Assuming your Triac has an isolated stud, NTE 56026 could substitute. If the stud is not isolated, after all, NTE 5697 is a possibility. Check at, for their distributors near you.

QUESTION NO. P52102-8: Is there a replacement for Motorola (??) SJ2513 and SJ2514 complimentary power out transistors in an old Marantz receiver?

Answering my own quest, as obscure and therefore little help as it is, these old Marantz transistors were mfg'd by Motorola but are proprietary to Marantz. Reasonable substitutions for the SJ2513-14 NPN is ECG284-5 or MJ15024-25.

QUESTION NO. P52002-8: I need a replacement or equivalent to A1145 which appears to be a transistor of the larger TO-92 form out of the amp section f a JVC stereo receiver.

2SA1145, itself, is listed by Mouser Electronics (; cat. no. 620-2SA1145), among others. An NTE/ECG 32 might also substitute.

QUESTION NO. P51702-7: I need the data on part number N11008 or NII008. It has two pins.

The full number is UN11008. This is a 0.8 Amp fuse, in a two-pin transistor-shaped package. It can be replaced by a fast-acting microfuse of similar rating.

QUESTION NO. P51502-9: I am looking to cross or substitute a STD1NA60 transistor for a power supply on computer.

The STD1NA60 Mosfet is rated for 600 Volts, 1.6 Amps, 40 Watts. The IRFRC20 is a suitable substitute for this device, and is listed by Digikey ( If the gate-drive voltage provided by your board is higher than 5 Volts (i.e., NOT logic-level), then STD2NB60, listed by Mouser Electronics (, might be used.
You have not said whether yours is SMD or not so I will supply cross for Std TO251 case which is IRFRC 20 VMOS N FET 600v 1.6A 40W RDS 6-8 ohms at 1 amp, or can use 2SK2040 & 2SK2865 or use STD2NA60 available from Nationwide Electronics. Choose according to value and watch pinouts.

QUESTION NO. P50902-3: I need a substitute for a 2sc799.

2sc1306, 2sc1909, 2sc2020 and 2sc2029.

QUESTION NO. P50702-10: I need info and sub for transistor/ic in a TO220 package fully s/c. The number on it is HA0084.

Your IC is available from Radio Shack so I suggest you look them up for the specifications etc.

QUESTION NO. P50302-3: I need a source or cross for a K2000.

K2000=2SK2000=ECG 2375# =NTE2375# (

QUESTION NO. P41502-2: Masuda S21TXS TV. I need the code for HV transformator.

Generic flyback(LOPT/horizontal sweep output transformer)# CF 0467 or R0 235, HR Diemen # HR7918. The flyback can be ordered from the following two flyback manufacturer's:

HR Diemen SA, Edificio Dimabel 08512, Saint Hipolit de Voltrega, Barcelona,Spain, Tel 34 93 850 23 23, Fax34 93 850 24 62,, or,
Koenig Electronic GmbH, D-64381 Postach 1120, D64385 Reichelsheim, Germany, Tel 49 (0) 6164-5037-0, Fax49 (0)6164-5037-85,, or,

QUESTION NO. P41502-1: Which part can I use for a replacement for transistor GT60M303?

The GT60M303 is a Toshiba IGBT, rated 900 Volts, 60 Amps, 170 Watts. The NTE 3322 device ( should substitute for this.

QUESTION NO. P41102-1: Is there any substitute for KSE 800 used in Samsung monitors?

We have been using MJE800 (Motorola) for a replacement an d it works.
The Samsung/Fairchild KSE800 is equivalent to a Motorola/ON-Semiconductor type MJE800.

QUESTION NO. P41002-4: Where can I find a catalogue of transistors, which contains the data and characteristics for NTE 2302?

NTE's site ( has datafiles for their devices. The datafile for NTE 2302 is available at, as a PDF file.
NTE Electronics Inc, 44 Farrand St, Bloomfield,New Jersey 07003-2597 USA, 800-631-1250 973-748-5089, Fax 973-748-6224

QUESTION NO. P40402-8: I need to replace the STK4278L chips on Sony KP53V15 projection TV. Is STK4278L made by Sanyo and sold by B&D Enterprises a suitable sub?

The STK4278L, like other "STK" chips, is a Sanyo device. Sony does not make the "STK" chips themselves. B&D supplies original components, from the manufacturer.

QUESTION NO. P329-7: I need a description or equivalent for part SE140. It is in the secondary side of the power supply off the side of the opto coupler.

SE140N is a Sanken Error Amp IC. Pin#1 monitors the 140V source, pin#2 is the output, and pin#3 is ground. There is no equivalent; get the original. Sources like B&D Enterprises (, MCM (, or Nationwide (, are possibilities.

QUESTION NO. P328-2: I have a component which looks like a diode, DO-35 type but it does not behave as diode. It is non-polarity and high resistance >M ohm. It does not have any mark or number on, it only has a little clear gap in the middle.

Assuming this device is not blown, there are several possible types of devices it could be, depending on the circuit it is in. It could still be a diode, for there are high-voltage diodes made, using several P-N junctions in series, so that the forward voltage is above the diode-test range of many meters. In such situations, measuring the forward voltage by applying a voltage of around 20V, in series with a resistor to limit current to 1 mA or so, may show the forward direction; reverse voltage breakdown will still be very high. Another possibility, is that this is a bidirectional transient voltage suppressor (TVS), an overvoltage protection device similar to two zeners in series, back-to-back these break down, at roughly equal voltages in either direction, when a voltage is applied, above their breakdown voltage. TVS devices exist, in ratings from about 5 Volts, up to hundreds of volts. Yet another possibility, is a device with negative-resistance characteristics; these include Sidac or 'crowbar' devices, also used for overvoltage protection, or SBS and Diac devices, often used as triggers for thyristors/Triac's. When a voltage is applied to these that exceeds their breakdown voltage, the voltage does not fixate at the breakdown point, like for a TVS, but drops to a low value. In the case of Diac's, this breakdown may not occur until 25V to 40V is applied. Also, although, normally, spark gaps are bigger than a DO-35, I can't rule out that there might be some this small. A spark gap (usually used in CRT circuitry) may not arc over, until hundreds of volts are applied.

QUESTION NO. P318-2: I need detailed material regarding STK POWER Amplifier Ic's. lists many datasheets for Sanyo STK IC's.

QUESTION NO. P225-8: Is there a cross for Motorola TCF6000? I need a pin compatible so8 package. I am looking at the TI TL7726 as a possible. I was told ST makes the same, but was not able to find it. The Motorola part has been obsoleted. This is a hex voltage clamp to protect the input to an A/D or a micro processor such as the 80C196.

Based on their datasheets, the TL7726 does appear pin-compatible with TCF6000, and Digikey ( is listing TL7726CD and TL7726ID (SO8 packages). To compare them, the respective datasheets can be obtained at http// http//

QUESTION NO. P218-5: I need a sub for 2N4856 for a synth clone.

The N-channel JFET 2N4856 is similar to JFET's PN4856, 2N4391, PN4391, and NTE/ECG 466. NTE, inc. ( will have information on the last device.

QUESTION NO. P211-3: I need to cross reference of NEC AC03D 78L on a microscope rheostatic control.

There are several different case styles for NEC number AC03D, but they are all Triac's, rated for 400 Volts and 3 Amps RMS. In the TO-202 case style, a potential cross is a Teccor Q4004F31, listed by Mouser Electronics ( An NTE 5629 is rated 400 Volt, 4 Amp, but its gate is more sensitive, so false triggering is a potential concern with that one.

QUESTION NO. P12-7: I need information on Darlington transistors sap15, 5-pin transistor.

http// MFR ALLEGRO or SANKEN. You can find some information.

QUESTION NO. P125-2: Is FET 2SK1460 an "N" channel type, or "P" channel type? It is used in the smps of most LG vcr's.

Any FET whose number begins with "2SK" is (by definition) an "N" channel type, because that is how the Japanese FET naming system works. If it were a "P" channel type, the number would begin with "2SJ", instead. 2SK1460 is N-channel, 900V, 3.5A, 40W, 2.8ohm.

 QUESTION NO. P1129-2: I need the cross reference for an KA942A or KA9429 or CEP6060. 

CEP6060 is a 60 Volt, 48 Amp Mosfet. Since there was no suffix after the CEP6060, it could cross to IRFZ44V or STP55NE06. Digikey Corp. or Mouser Electronics should carry those.

QUESTION NO. P1120-1: I am looking for a sub. for irf351.

IRF351=ECG2922, NTE2922, IRF350, IRFP340/1/2/ or 3, IRFP350/1/2/ or 3.
IRF351 is an N-channel Mosfet, rated 350 Volts, 15 Amps, 150 Watts, Rds[on] < 0.3 ohm, in a TO3 package. Since IRF350 is similar, but is rated for 400 Volts, IRF350 can be substituted, and Mouser Electronics ( lists IRF350. The TO3 metal packages have largely been replaced by plastic packages, so the (plastic) IRFP350, which is listed by both Mouser and Digikey (, might also be fitted.  My 1996 edition of "ECG Semiconductors, Master Replacement Guide," indicates that an "IRF351" may be replaced with an ECG 2922. Note The guide states that this substitution "may not be an exact mechanical or electrical equivalent, however, it will provide an acceptable substitute in the majority of typical applications." (This part is identified as an Enhanced N-Channel Mosfet)

QUESTION NO. P117-9: I need the specs (voltage rating in particular) on an RCA SCR part #T6417M&#8211;21 8549.

T6417M is a stud-mount Triac, rated for 600 Volts and 30 Amps, suited for zero-voltage switching. Possible substitutes include NTE5697 and SK3521.