6 Pin SIP Surface Mount Adapter / Surfboard

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6 Pin SIP. Model 33406 Application Specific Adapter. Accepts SC-75-6, SC-89, SOT-66, SOT-563, SOT-666KEC TES6, NATIONAL LLP COL 2x2x0.6mm 6LD, MAXIM 6L UDFN 1.5x1.0x0.75mm, ON SEMI UDFN6 1.45x1.0,0.5P, ULLGA6 1.45x1.0,0.5P, PANASONIC SSMini6-F1, SSMini6-F2, WSSMini6-F1, RENESAS SMFPAK-6, ROHM WEMT6, EMT6, TEXAS INST. DRL (R-PDSO-N6), DRY(R-PDSO-N6), DSE(R-PDSO-N6), TOSHIBA ES6. Board measures .350" x .600". Direct pin out of device leads to SIP. The 33000 series of Surface Mount to SIP adapters includes a range of models for lower pin count I.C. packages and many popular discrete semiconductors. The Single-In-Line (SIP) pins are attached on .100 in. (2.54 mm) centers making these adapters compatible with both traditional and solderless breadboards as well as sockets. Great for building prototypes, as package adapters for circuit modifications, and for device evaluation and test. RoHS COMPLIANT

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