Atlas DCA75 Semiconductor Tester with Curve Tracing Capability on a PC

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The new Atlas DCA 75 PRO Transistor tester offers unrivaled functionality and style. The analysis portfolio is bigger than even the DCA55, offering enhanced message display and intelligent component identification. This superb instrument displays incredibly detailed information in scrollable pages. The Atlas combines an impressive analysis portfolio with unequaled ease of use. Connect your component any way round and let the Atlas do the rest. It will measure the gain of transistors, the threshold voltage of MOSFETs, and semiconductor voltage drops. This product has additional component testing capability than the DCA55, but also offers full curve tracking which is downloadable to a MS excel via a USB cable. This allow more in depth analysis of components than was possible before. Supplied fully assembled, tested and aligned with a factory warranty this is an indispensable piece of test equipment for a system designer or product technician, we use one in our store all the time to measure transistors and diodes.

DCA55 to DCA75 Pro Feature Comparison

Feature Atlas DCA55 Atlas DCA75
Display type 16 x 2 Alphanumeric 122 x 32 Graphic
Communications - USB (Win USB built-in driver)
Power supply 1 x GP23 12V battery 1 x AAA and USB power
Test Signals Range (typ) +/-5V, +/-5mA +/-12V, +/-12mA
Test Signal Resolution 10 bits 12 bits
Voltage measurement resolution 20mV 3mV
Diode / LED support Yes Yes
Transistor support Yes Yes
MOSFET support Yes Yes
IGBT support - Yes
JFET support Yes Yes
Zener diode analysis - Yes
Voltage regulator analysis - Yes
JFET pinch-off measurement - Yes
JFET on-threshold measurement - Yes
JFET transconductance - Yes
Depletion mode threshold measurement Yes
Saturation voltage measurement - Yes
Leakage current measurement Yes Yes
Online upgradeable firmware - Yes
Online upgradeable PC software N/A Yes
Sounder - Yes (with mute on/off)

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