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Fastrap 5KV-13, TV Channel 13 Notch Filter
Phase Linear, 6-pole Linear Phase Filter #517NPhase Linear, 6-pole Linear Phase Filter #517N
Corcom PC-mount, RJ type EMI FilterCorcom PC-mount, RJ type EMI Filter
Digikey P11086CT-ND, 2MHz Noise Filter
Texscan, 70 MHZ IF FILTER
TTE, Filter # K2399-2M-200k-1k
TriQuint/SAWTEK, 70 MHz Bandpass Filter # 851556
TriQuint/Sawtek, 70 MHz Bandpass Filter # 851847
Power Filter Cap, 60uF 300V
Reactel Inc, 6LMX-1600 IC FILTER
Lucent, CDMA A-band filterLucent, CDMA A-band filter
Murata, SFE10.7MJ Ceramic Filter (Pkg of 3)
NEC/TOKIN ST-201A, Noise Inductor Filter
Panasonic, EXC-EMT103DT EMI filter
Suppression Filter, 100pF 100VDC
Ceramic Filter 4.096MHz
Coaxial feed-through filter #07294/GF4500-1Coaxial feed-through filter #07294/GF4500-1
API, EMI Feedthrough Filter # 842448-2
Corcom, EMI Filter 1A 120/250VAC 50/60Hz.
Ceramic Filter, 4MHz
Ceramic Filter. 6.5MHz
Ceramic Filter. 2.45MHz
Audio Filter, 853Hz

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