Dipped Silver Mica Capacitor Assortment ~100 pieces, 1.8pF-1200pF, 100v-500v DC


$ 48.95


This offer is for a "Grab-bag" or "Job lot" assortment of ~100 dipped silver mica capacitors (weight min 2.2oz), random values between 1.8pF - 1200pF and rating 100v - 500v DC, tolerance 1% to 5%, various manufacturers and date codes.

For individual, specific values from 1-68,000pF see auction(s) 163460908703 and 163460770730

Silver mica capacitors are high precision, stable and reliable capacitors. They are mostly used at high frequencies and in cases where low losses (high Q) and low capacitance change over the time is desired. Circuit designers still turn to silver mica capacitors for high-power applications such as RF transmitters, instruments and amplifiers because cheaper ceramic and porcelain capacitors can't withstand heat and degrade over time. Silver mica caps are also widely used in high-voltage applications due to mica's high breakdown voltage.

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