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0-250VAC, 10A SPDT, Power Relay #40319012, 12V
0-6 DCA, Panel Meter
0.0018uF, 600V, Polyester Capacitor
0.001uF, 1KV Disc Ceramic Capacitor
0.001uF, 630VDC ASC, Ceramic Film capacitor
0.001µF ±10%, 3KV Disc Ceramic Capacitor
0.0033uF, 400V, Mylar Capacitor
0.0047uF, 100V Polystyrene Radial Capacitor
0.0056uF 100V, Polystyrene Capacitor - Lot of 10
0.0056uF, 100V Polystyrene Capacitor
0.012uF, 1600V, Polypropylene Capacitor
0.015uF, 250V, Polypropylene Capacitor
0.015uF, 6.5KV, High Voltage Capacitor
0.01uF, 100V, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
0.01uF, 100v, Poly Capacitor
0.01uF, 100V, Polyester Capacitor

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