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100-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set100-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set
102 piece set of 1/2” Sanding Bands
102 piece set of 3/4” Sanding Discs
10pc Mini Diamond File Set, 150 Grit
12 Piece Computer Repair Kit
12-Piece Spatula, Carver, Pick Tool Set
2" Jaw, Universal Table Vise2" Jaw, Universal Table Vise
20 Piece Diamond Burrs Set
20pc Watch Repair Tool Kit
SE 20pc Watch Repair Tool Kit
$ 18.95
25 Piece Computer Network Repair Kit
28p Wood Burning Pen Tip Carving Set
2X Illuminated Table Magnifier with Clamp2X Illuminated Table Magnifier with Clamp
36pc Ring Sizer Set
SE 36pc Ring Sizer Set
$ 10.95
4-Piece Wax Tool Carver Tool Set
4.5” Diagonal Cutters
SE 4.5” Diagonal Cutters
$ 5.95
6-Piece Pic Tool Carver Tool Set
7" Automatic Wire Stripper
Diamond Coated Needle File Set
Hands-Free Head Magnifier
SE Hands-Free Head Magnifier
$ 18.95
Helping Hands Magnifier
SE Helping Hands Magnifier
$ 8.95
Multi-Power LED Head Magnifier 1.9x to 8.3xMulti-Power LED Head Magnifier 1.9x to 8.3x
Rubber Dust Blower with Brass Nozzle
Virtus Splinter Forcep Pliers

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