Milwaukee MI455US PRO Mini Titrator for Sulfur Dioxide in Wine

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Lab Grade. Accurate. Simple. Automated
The Milwaukee MI455 PRO Mini-Titrator makes the measurement of free and total Sulfur Dioxide simple. The MI455 PRO can be used to test for free and total SO2 in all wines, including red. Using a modified Ripper method, the MI455 PRO Mini-Titrator does not rely on color change but uses potentiometric detection. The MI455 PRO Mini-Titrator automatically dispenses the titrant, determines the endpoint, and completes the calculations in a fraction of the time needed for a manual titration. The MI455 PRO uses a preprogrammed method and specialized ORP electrode combined with an algorithm to determine the end of the titration reaction.

The Milwaukee PRO SO2 PRO Mini-Titrator offers:

Accuracy: The MI455 PRO Mini-Titrator is accurate to 5% of the reading with a resolution of 1 ppm with a range of 0-400 ppm. The titrator uses piston-driven pump for accurate dynamic dosing, a built-in magnetic stirrer for a faster reaction and lab grade platinum-ringed ORP electrode.

Simplicity: The MI455 PRO Mini-Titrator is designed to for simple one button operation with pre-standardized titrant and pre-measured reagents for easy set up.

Automated operation : The MI455 PRO Mini-Titrator uses a precision piston style dosing pump that dynamically adjusts the dosing volume as the voltage changes. With the MI455 PRO Mini-Titrator, you get a faster result with no need for manual intervention or calculation.

Design features

Fast, easy to read results
Accuracy to ±5% of reading
Easy measurement: just measure the wine sample, add the reagents as directed, prepare ORP probe and pump, add the stabilizer and start the titration by pressing the start button
Refillable, double junction lab grade ORP electrode for fast results with a screw on cap to ensure proper storage
Compact design with a footprint of just 8.2 x 8.4 inches
Built-in stirrer is automatically maintained at a speed of 1500 rpm
Built-in algorithm to analyze the shape of the electrode response and to determine the reaction completion that automatically completes the analysis, makes all the necessary calculations and assures a simple and effective interface for the user
Simple and reliable peristaltic pump that ensure high dosing repeatability with the ability to calibrate with the provided Milwaukee standards
Ability to easily measure both free and total SO2
Care and Use
ORP electrodes usually start performing poorly because of problems with the probe. The two parts of the ORP probe that cause problems are the glass sensing bulb and the reference junction.

Sensing bulb

The glass bulb loses sensitivity with use and will eventually fail. This is true of all ORP probes.

Reference junction

The reference junction is a small hole that allows the meter to compare the sample to a reference. The reading is generated based on the electrical difference between the sample and reference. If the junction hole gets clogged, the ORP electrode will no longer function.

You can extend the life of your ORP electrode in the following ways.

Cleaning and Storage

All ORP sensors have a limited life and response time gets longer with age. Properly maintaining your ORP electrode will give you fast, accurate results for longer. So, be sure to order the Milwaukee Maitenance Kit code PH-Main at checkout time! This will be needed to help clean and condition the pH electrode before use!


To minimize clogging the ORP probe needs to be kept hydrated. Long periods of dry storage will damage the sensitivity of the probe. Allowing the probe to dry out may also result in the junction hole getting clogged.

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