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QUESTION NO. P80403-7: Version 1-3 Playstation 2 power supply 1-468-563-21 with both fuses blown (3.15 and 8A). Found shorted diodes D003, D004 (V08RL155, std rectifiers) and D011 (zener, marked KIV608). I need the specs or a cross for the zener.

This is a Shindengen K1V (not KIV) Sidac device (not a zener). If an overvoltage occurs, the K1V will crowbar, like an SCR, rather than merely clamp the voltage. B & D Enterprises ( lists the original K1V, or you can substitute NTE 6416. The TPA62, made by ST Micro, although a bit different in specs, might also work; Mouser ( lists TPA62.

QUESTION NO. P92402-3: Playstation Sony scph-5502. I need value for D103 on power supply board.

There are lots of repair tips and free downloadable schematics here,,,

QUESTION NO. P320-7: Playstation scph-7502, the power supply does not work because D012, D009, Q001, Q002 and fuse were damaged. I replaced them but they damaged again. I am afraid the values not correct.

Look at non-genuine power supplies, they are available and cheap.

QUESTION NO. P40302-10: Is there a site for FAQ's on Sony playstations?

Sony playstations

QUESTION NO. P116-8: I need data or an equivalent for part number k2718 fet/transistor? for a Playstation 1.

This Playstation transistor is an N-channel MOSFET, Toshiba's 2SK2718, rated at 900 Volts, 2.5 Amps, 40 Watts. A key feature is that this FET's gate is protected by an internal bidirectional TVS device. For more information, the datasheet is at http// If you need a substitute, Toshiba's 2SK2700T also is gate-protected, and is carried by Digikey ( Otherwise, a NTE2959 or IRFIBF30G might substitute, but if no gate protection is provided externally in the circuitry, it may be advisable to add this, such as wiring a SA20CA bidirectional TVS device, from gate to source on the FET.

QUESTION NO. P322-2: Need info on semiconductor marked C4231 in Sony Playstation I power supply.

Shindengen's 2SC4231 is a 2 Amp, NPN, high-speed switching transistor (Tf < 0.3 usec), rated at 1200 Vcbo, 800 Vceo, 30 Watt. For more information, the datasheet, found at will have gain curves, saturation curves, etc.

QUESTION NO. P120-10: Sony Playstation with power supply problems. Already found a shorted 27V zener (D109) and an open current sense resistor (R106). MOSFET on switcher is marked FS3TH, FS3TM or FS3TII - can't really tell (Q101). Can anyone cross?

Mitsubishi makes FS3TM FET's, the '3' indicates a 3 Amp rating, and the 'TM' portion indicates a TO-220F (isolated) package. But that device number is incomplete, there is another number that is below the 'TM' part, like a 9, 10, 12, 14, or 16, which you have to multiply by 50 Volts to get the Voltage Rating. For example, a FS3TM-12 would be a 600 Volt, 3 Amp, TO-220F device. So check your FET once again for that number.