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QUESTION NO. P101503-7: Nokia 7165 Nicam TV. I resoldered cold solder joints In the H.V.and Main supply, when I turned on the TV, I heard a sparkle sound from V001 (BT137). BT137 was shorted and bad after the sparkle sound. What can I use as a substitute for BT137? Is BT137 a PNP or NPN transistor? Can I suspect any more parts?

Your question is not a transistor but a triac. Go to Google and type BT137 you will find If this is blown it will take other parts with it.

QUESTION NO. P101503-1: Sanyo DS1938-03 TV has no picture or sound, raster only. Checked ant/cable connector, resistor (3.3 M-ohm) and 1800pF capacitor. All good results.

You have an IF or detector problem.

QUESTION NO. P100803-1: Mitsubishi CS-13103 TV, when on channels 5 and12 shows very bad picture, rolling, vertical squashed. Checked all caps, opened tuner, resoldered tuner components. Picture clear and good when using video input, however unable to get any channels on tuner.

Removed 3 terminal voltage regulator, and found it dead. This (I can't remember exactly) was like an 8.3 volt regulator, TO-220 case size. Thing was dead as a doornail. Replaced with LM317T with two resistors setting it for the 8.3 volts, works fine now.

QUESTION NO. P100603-3: Realistic Radio Shack 16-229 TV does not turn on, but fuse is not blown.

(answering own question): found R604, 100K SMT or Thru Hole (cant remember) resistor OPEN. Replaced with 100K 1/4 W resistor, and TV now powers up.

QUESTION NO. P090503-7: Panasonic CT32D10B TV Chassis DP341. I need the value of R801 a 7 watt resistor on the Main board.

I found the resistor was a 1.5 ohm 7 watt in Sams #4570.

QUESTION NO. P090303-1: Funai F3809A TV/VCR is dead, no power on AC or DC, no click on attempted start. Suspect transistor at Q1953 to be a 5-6 volt regulator, but no schematic to verify. Only one volt drop at the transistor. How does one order from Funai? I've been told fax only, but can't find a number.

Not familiar with the ac/dc models , but have worked on a few of the ac ones. The ones I have worked on have had failures with the video/chroma/deflection/IF/audio IC (301) Part # M61206FP. The # for Funai Corp's parts Dept is 800-242-7158. Symphonic sc309a/Funai f3809a is the same manual. The parts I replaced for a singing power supply and dead symptom is Q1625 2SA950 NTE290A [9v reg.]on power supply board; R643 68 OHM 1/4W,Q609 2SC2120 NTE289A [5V regulator] on vcr board near connector cn1953/cn603 [15 pin connector]. Also check that convergence ring magnets are locked down with locking ring . Mine had loose rings [unlocked] so I had to realign magnets and lock the rings. tv/vcr works great now.

QUESTION NO. P70903-10: RCA F31633SB TV has no audio, everything else works fine. Audio Output IC (TDA7362) is OK. I checked all the resistors and capacitors surrounding the audio output.

Audio data in eeprom is corrupted, re-program eeprom or buy a new one.

QUESTION NO. P71103-5: GE 25GT503TX2 CTC177AA3 TV when doing the auto program when it is hooked up to cable it erases all channels below 55. I have done the solder work around the tuner with no change. Everything else seems OK.

The eeprom is corrupted, buy a new one or re-program the existing one.

QUESTION NO. P70703-8: Philips 20PT138A/59R TV has no sound after it was shorted at volume button. I managed to make power switch on again and picture is ok but no sound. a touch of finger on TDA8362 brought sound but not maintained after remove finger. I ensured solder of any lose connection, replaced sound IC and TDA8362 but no sound still.

Look at the micro, that is where vc goes to, any nasty on that line could blow that section of it.

QUESTION NO. P62303-9: Sony KV-32TW75 TV has low audio, (no treble). Replaced IC431. No help. Treble voltage in from IC104 ok. (Voltage goes up and down ok at pin 16, of IC431). Also, no SAP. (Bass, Bal, Sur, Vol, OK). After reading about other Service Centers with similar troubles, appears to be MPX Decoder, MM201. The "Timer" light comes on at times, (rarely), and TV will not turn on. Unplugging for a few cures problem until next day. Also TV won't respond to remote when cold. After turning on with panel button, the main and channel display dances up and down. Once warmed up, remote and display work ok. (Never the low audio). Sometimes pushing or tapping on front control panel causes remote to respond.

Replace pcb location MM201=US MPLX stereo decoder HIC IC sound module for a complete lists of other part #'s:,,

QUESTION NO. P51603-5: Zenith-A32B41W TV, CX3220 and CX3222 fried with no other visible damage, CX3222 smoking and high pitched whining along with flutter noise.

Replace both CX3220 and CX3222.

QUESTION NO. P60203-4: Mitsubishi VS-5074 TV, I need the value of Q6A5 on CRT(G) board. Is it a rectifier?  A  "Q" designation represents a transistor and that's all I've ever seen "Q" referenced to. If there are any markings on the component, try cross-referencing it with transistors. Rectifiers usually have the prefix "D".

QUESTION NO. P60203-7: Sony KVC27TD TV has no picture but the sound is ok. I replaced a burned 1K resistor near the EHT. D803 (ES1F) following the resistor is leaky, I need an equivalent or alternative.

Any fast switch diode will do. BYV96E etc is what I have used often for this. It is also very important to scrape all charr off the panel under the 1K as per Sony advice. Replacement for part number ES1F is NTE558.

QUESTION NO. P52903-6: Philips 21PT128A/75R TV works for about 5 minutes then the screen starts to flicker violently faster and faster unit after about 15 minutes of being on turns off with a bang but no visible signs of component damage except around the deflection coils it is quite warm. Trying to turn it on straight afterwards emitted a flash from the deflection coils and from around the FBT.

You have an Australian Anubis S DD chassis which sounds like the yoke is shorting. It would be uneconomical to repair this as an origonal yoke would be $100+. There is a rewind service in Geelong Vic whose name escapes me, usual cost about $40 advanced replacement.

QUESTION NO. P52303-2: Philips 28CT8890/50Z with 2B-S Chassis. Picture takes long time to appear on the screen, up to hour to appear. Once hot takes only 15seconds. Tried to locate using heat gun and freeze. Seems related to time running more than heat. All voltages are present and correct. No signal output on the TDA4580. Signal is present on input to this device. When there is no signal, the IC output voltages are incorrect as well as the feedback voltage to pin 26. Replaced TDA4580 and all Electro Capacitors around device as well as the TDA4510 chroma decoder.

You have a low emission tube, The set will continue to try to electronically balance the tube gun emissions, when they come within tolerance the drive will switch on. The cure is reduce the tolerance. 2 methods take your pick. R3429 on the tube base (2.2K) fit a 3k3 or fit a resistor (82K to 150K) between pins 6 and 26 of IC7300. Note the grey will be compromised. Last chance before the scrap heap short out a heater choke.

QUESTION NO. P51603-4: RCA CTC169JA5 TV powers up, audio/video fine, but bright retrace lines overshadowing picture for about 30 seconds and then loud pop and set shuts down. If change channels while on, background momentarily changes red, then back to normal.

C4713=0.82 Uf,250V=200V in cathode driver power supply, taken from

QUESTION NO. P51203-9: RCA F20600 TV, chassis: CTC166, when power button is pushed the relay clicks and there is HV for 1 second then the tv shuts off. During this sequence there is a crackling like noise heard almost like the relay is double clinking but it's not similar noise to a defective flyback. The tv turns on-off repeatedly until I press the power button again then it stops attempting to turn on. Replaced leaky C4164=100 Uf,25v (black) and C4133K=220 Uf,35v (brown) in the power supply. Also replaced C4161=10 Uf,50v (brown), C4175=68 Uf,16v (brown), C4705K=47 Uf,63v (brown), C4605K=220 Uf,35v (green), C4707K=100 Uf,35v (green), C4306=4.7 Uf,50v (green). CR4120=B+ regulator adjust=6.2 volt,0.5 watt, zener diode=ECG5013=RCA # 195880=Generic # 211A24.

QUESTION NO. P51903-8: Samsung CT-3312J TV. Need value of R804 and C850.

It is chassis # K-50DC. R804 is 500 ohms and C850 is 4.7uF / 50v Non polar radial type.

QUESTION NO. P41403-9: Prima XT-13H9 TV hs white screen with "HEAT RUN" on screen. This is corrupted EEPROM data. How do I access the service menu and also where to get a replacement EEPROM?

QUESTION NO. P41403-4: GE 32GT720 TV Chassis CTC 203CF3. I replaced EEPROM IC as it became slowly deprogrammed due to intermittent solder. But now there is no sound.

QUESTION NO. P50503-5: Panasonic TC-21L10R2 TV. Originally could not enter tuning menu from remote or from TV. Replaced defective memory IC S24C0 which fixed that problem but now the RGB setting is out of order. The picture is bluish. And V Height is reduced.

Re-install old EEPROM and write down the original parameter values then remove the old EEPROM and install the new and copy the values on it.

QUESTION NO. P50603-5: RCA CTC 185 TV blows horizontal output and 12v reg. I replaced the flyback and blown parts. Will play 2 minutes and blows the horz and 12 volt reg again. I checked for shorts and open caps in the area of the horz output and 12 volt reg. then click on "TSS logs for CTC185".

QUESTION NO. P51303-7: RCA F25432 TV (CTC203AD5) has sound but no picture. I seem to have about half the voltages that are derived from the autotransformer T14401. Mainly, the low voltages up to 130 volts. Putting a scope on the video IF IC, there is horizontal output signal. Even up to the horizontal drive transistor, the 230 volt waveform signal on the collector. From there it goes through a transformer, T14301 and on to the base of the horizontal output transistor HOT (Q14401). I do not have the the 16 volt p-p signal on the base of the HOT. I checked the transformer and components between the horizontal drive transistor and horizontal output transistor. However, the waveform is not present at the base of the HOT. I am suppose to have a negative .07 volt on the base of the HOT and 130 volts on the collector. I have -.021 on the base and 138 volts on the collector of the HOT. At this point I am not sure if the HOT is bad or the flyback transformer is bad. On the schematic symbol of the HOT, it shows an internal resistor between the base and the emitter and an internal diode across the emitter to collector. My B&K transistor checker showed that it was good in the circuit tester mode. However, testing the HOT in the circuit, it showed the NPN transistor as both PNP and NPN and showed it was good. Perhaps, I should take it out of the circuit and test it. Lastly, since I don't have a ringer or flyback tester, I can't verify if the fly back is good. I do not have the 24-26kv voltage on the secondary of the flyback transformer T14401. Apparently, the primary side winding (pins 2 to 10) have conductivity, because the 138 volts is supplied to pin #2 and pin #10 of the flyback transformer is the source to the collector of the HOT. Any suggestions to verify if the flyback is good or not.

There are lots of free common repair tips for your model at then click on "TSS logs for CTC203". For building a low cost or free flyback tester
You do not require testing the flyback transformer, 98% chance OK as output transistor is OK. Can only remember one model in my career of 30+ years where these symptoms could be the transformer. You have a drive problem and should check that out.

QUESTION NO. P51603-8: Hitachi 19VR11 TV/VCR with no power. Getting 156volts at q601 fet but nothing anywhere else. All transistors, resistors and diodes seem to check good.

You can download Hitachi service manuals for free at

QUESTION NO. P42503-3: Zenith SJ7765BG TV, as it warms up picture begins to tear into serrated lines at top. (pie crusting) if brightness is changed, it covers a larger area of screen. I changed main electrolytics, no change.

Replace c2208,2209,2212 for horizontal scan symptoms. Good idea to replace smps caps c3432,3434 also.

QUESTION NO. P50203-5: Hitachi c25p720 TV, the line transformer was burned. After replacing it, there is a horizontal line across the screen. I replaced the tda8172.
Replace all of the vertical radial electrolytic capacitors in the vertical section usually they have the same pcb locations as the vertical output IC, replace the IC again, check the low ohms fuseable resistor that is connected to the B+ (vcc) of the IC and goes back to a rectifier diode which goes back to the flyback, for more info you can download free Hitachi service manuals among many other makes from

QUESTION NO. P42903-4: Panasonic CT-27SF11S TV has a horizontal line, or the picture is smaller than normal in the middle of the screen from side to side, and thin at times. Nothing looks burnt.
Resolder IC451=LA78**=vertical output IC.

QUESTION NO. P42903-2: JVC AV2649S TV has no vertical. Upc1498h was dead, RGP10J diode shorted, and R 2.2 OM open. What else, maybe some caps are leaking?
Always replace the booster capacitor on the IC. This is usually 100uF 35V. if that fails or has high cold resistance the IC will be destroyed. This is found across 2 pins of the IC. You are unlikely to find any leaking capacitors, just high ESR.

QUESTION NO. P42903-7: Need Service code for Panasonic TC-21L10R2 TV.

QUESTION NO. P41103-2: Toshiba CF20D30 TV has compressed vertical picture issue mentioned elsewhere on this board. I cannot locate the Elna caps mentioned in other posts.
I was able to locate C342 next to IC301 (LA7837). Replaced defective brown ELNA 1uf 50v cap and problem was solved.

QUESTION NO. P32403-2: Sharp C-1495S TV. I need the value (voltage) of zener diode ZD702.

QUESTION NO. P32803-10: Philips 20L8007602 TV. Need tuner part number and/or description.
A common failure part in most TV tuners is the PLL tuning IC in Philips/Magnavox (NAP) and Grundig units it is:
Philips generic # TSA5511, Siemens generic # SDA3202-2, Siemens generic # SDA3202-3, Siemens generic # SDA3412, ECG# ECG7108, NTE # NTE7108, Philips # 4835 209 17354.

QUESTION NO. P32803-3: Sharp C4276SN(BK) TV Chassis K5058. Screen too width. Need value of R655 (burnt).

QUESTION NO. P41703-9: Sony KV27S40 is dead. I need the values of IC601 blown open and R691 burnt, with D690, and R606 open. I am told to replace the vertical IC also.
You can download free Sony service manuals and other make of service manuals at:

QUESTION NO. P32403-6: CTC 185 TV is stuck on channel 3. Menu function does not work. V+ and V- works fine. If this model has a guide+ function, somebody has entered in the cable box as channel 3. It thinks that the tuner does not have to move from channel 3. Uncheck the cablebox function in the Guide+ setup.

QUESTION NO. P40103-5: Mitsubishi cs-35301 TV lost vertical hold. Replaced chip capacitor C7001 in PIP board and worked fine for about 1 1/2 hours then screen went black but could still hear audio. When TV cools down turn on and works again for about 1 1/2 hours and screen goes black again. Still hear audio OK.

QUESTION NO. P40303-2: Philips 28gr6780 TV. I need value of 7146 and 7145 transistor.
To lookup part #'s go to

QUESTION NO. P41003-4: Sharp 25A-S200 TV Chassis DUNTK7052WE L6; Vertical deflection IC501 severe damage, I cannot read IC. Have narrowed it down to LA7835, LA7836, LA7837 or LA7838 (13 pin). Differences appear to be in amps. Which is correct one?
To lookup part #'s go to

QUESTION NO. P41403-8: JVC AV27120 TV intermittently goes into an auto shut off mode. When plugged in automatically turns on for a few seconds and then shuts down with the Red LED on/timer blinking. Set will continue in this startup loop unless left unplugged for several days.
Chassis: A67, a common failure is over time the picture shrinks to a point where you no longer have vertical deflection then the tv shuts off and when turned on the tv stays on for a few seconds. Common failure parts are IC1421=LA7832=JVC # LA7832= sub with LA7833, R1541=1.8 ohm,2W (metal fuseable)=JVC # QRT029J-1R8=ECG/NTE # FPR-TP18C, D1541=RGPJ-T3=RGP10J-5025-T3=ECG/NTE 506=RCA # SK3998, D1422=MTZJ75-T2=1N4761A=75V zener diode,0.3W=ECG/NTE5064A, C1424=100 Uf,35V, C1425=470 Uf,35V and C1427=2200 Uf,25V. JVC usually uses the generic # for their own part #'s so does Panasonic.

QUESTION NO. P41703-3: Sony kv21Q2s TV when switched ON has no raster then goes into standby with LED flash. I checked all components in the power supply. Replaced the flyback transformer and the eprom.

QUESTION NO. P42103-8: Philips 28GR6780 TV. I need the values of 7145 and 7146.
To lookup part #'s go to

QUESTION NO. P42303-5: KV32FX65 TV Led blinks twice (OCP), I checked all voltage (135v 10,5v, 21v ...) and seem to be good, when I shunt the relay and apply AC directly and isolated D board. I replaced MX0842 same problem. Power Module IC6600(DM 48) checked, voltage at pin 1 is 135v,pin 3 :2,5v, pin 4 is lower then 7v. Download the complete Sony service manual for free at

QUESTION NO. P42403-3: RCA F27191DG TV Chassis CTC169AC-C turns off and on itself after powered on (about 4 times and then shuts down). then at the top search section type in "CTC169". http://wa6ati then click on "TSS log for CTC169" Common replacement failure parts are Q4101=SGSIF461=RCA # 200165, U4101V=TEA2261=RCA # 200419, F4005=5 amp fuse, C4108=47 Uf,50v, C4108=39 Uf,50v=RCA # 208002 (in some units), C4108=47 Uf,100v=RCA # 193623, CR4101=546-002=RCA old # 164588,RCA new # 207878,some say you can also use RCA # 164589 (small diode), CR4106=A-23=B4304=RCA # 176296 (large diode), C4102=2.2 Uf,100v=RCA # 242026,RCA # 195691, C4104=15 Uf,100v=RCA # 189982, CR4118=PFR 851/6,FR305=RCA # 164590 (huge diode) and CR4122=BZX855 3VC=2.7B=ECG5065A. In some cases these parts also have a high failure rate: R4118=CF 33K ohm,1/4 watt=RCA # 175314, R4114=MF 45.3 K ohm,1/4 watt=RCA # 176506 and R4001=2.7 ohms,15 watt. When it comes to Sony & RCA ALWAYS USE OEM #'s or the exact generic #'s when it comes to semiconductors but for electrolytic caps you can use any replacements.

QUESTION NO. P42303-9: RCA TV CTC197cb chassis. Power supply makes chirping sound while set is plugged in. No action or change when power button is pressed. Checked all e caps in supply. Checked for leaky hot as well as safety cap and b+ diodes off smps trans.
There is a 6-volt zener diode in the startup circuit that may have become leaky, or shorted.

QUESTION NO. P40103-8: Philips 25tr19 c225 TV powers up for 8 seconds and then shuts off. If powered on again right away, it stays powered up for 3 seconds.
It may be a faulty regulator. If the B+ line voltage becomes too high, the CRT can begin to emit harmful X - rays. Therefore the X - ray protect circuit shuts down the horizontal circuit. Check the regulator for proper output. Depending on the set, it can be anywhere from 123 to 135 VDC..

QUESTION NO. P42303-8: RCA CTC 197AH TV has a green screen on power up with retrace lines. At shut down a point appears in the middle of the screen.
Sounds like either a shorted G2 grid, or bad flyback. If a phospher flake has shorted the grid in the tube, you can sometimes have luck by using a megger set at 1000VDC, to burn away the short.
This is usually caused by the line HV going too high causing the anti-UV protection to kick in so fit a dummy load 40W lamp instead to the line output to allow measurements to be made.

QUESTION NO. P41703-6: DS31650 TV comes on for a second and shuts off. Has any body had trouble with the Mirco Chip causing this problem? The problem was the mirco chip.

QUESTION NO. P41703-8: NEC FS-5111 TV with no vertical deflection. In the vertical supply rail, D502 (RH1S) is short, which has burnt R521 and caused the value to be unclear. It seems like it should be a 2 or 2.2 ohm 0.5W fusible resistor, is this right?
The resistor is a 2.2ohm, The IC will also be faulty so replace that and the booster cap, from memory 100uf 35V.

QUESTION NO. P31103-10: Phillips Magnavox TS2754C101 TV Chassis 27B800-7562 has a burnt C506 position, I need the value.
Depending on which CRT you have, C506 is either a 680pF 2kv ceramic disc for 27" sets, or is 1000pF 2kv for sets with the A68AHD32X crt.

QUESTION NO. P21303-9: JVC AV32050 turns on then shuts down, on/timer red LED starts blinking. Replaced IC-901=strF6626 and c926=16v-1000uf with no help.
Try to power on the tv and increase the G2 momentarily, if one vertical line appears, the problem is in the vertical section, replace vertical ic and its peripherals such as capacitors and resistor/diode coming from the flyback. If raster is ok and not one line, your problem is in the system control section. Try to replace the syscon together with the EEPROM. Most trouble I encounterred is that after replacing the vertical section, tha syscon id also defective.

QUESTION NO. P22503-1: Mitsubishi vs 50605 projection TV has sound but no video. Where is R918? If the dvd is connected, the TV works perfect.
Don't know R918 but bet you have a pip model. On the pip models, C7001 and c7036 on pip module are known failure items. Remove, clean board and replace with new. Ensure traces are still intact since fluid from caps will corrode the board. Look at archived answers for more information on mits pip problems. A dead giveaway is the onscreen menus still show up properly in spite of no video.

QUESTION NO. P31003-1: Sharp CR29C379 TV powers down after 30 minute warm up, the power led is lit. A double hit of the remote power button resets the unit and powers it on again, only to repeat the cycle. Could this be the result of a partially dried up cap on the power supply?
Drying out capacitors improve with heat in the short term so it is not that. Would suspect the TV has a sleep function (powers down on no signal) and that is faulty.

QUESTION NO. P31303-10: RCA/GE CTC 185 TV has color blotches on the upper right and left corners. I degaussed the picture tube which didn't help. I found the degauss thermistor opened so I resoldered the thermistor legs back to the resistor disk and checked it for proper operation. It worked properly in the circuit. This tv has everything working properly except the stains on the picture tube.
A PTC works due to heat, there is no way you can do a successful repair on one by soldering disks, change it or enjoy the blotches.

QUESTION NO. P22503-8: Sony KIRARA KV-S34MH1 TV does not hold/store TV System e.i. Australia. When presetting channels automatically, it sees the channels on searching but after it finishes the autoprogramming, no channel is set. Is it an RF modulator/demodulator problem?
There is no modulator in your TV. If it searches and seems to find it could be the EEprom. It requires a signal from the IF to be processed by the micro as a signal sufficient to create AGC, and that position stored in the EEprom. Sony is famed for dry joints in the IF, that perhaps is the more likely.

QUESTION NO. P22103-10: Sharp 32N-S350 TV. I have seen this question before but not for Sharp. This one has the same green retrace lines, with the green glow. I tried adjusting.
Answer to my own question, I removed the board at the end of the CRT and used air spray to clean it. I checked that the problem was not the tube, by turning the tv set on without the card. I saw no green lights nor the green glow. So the tube was fine. I reconnected the board after unplugging the power. Powered it up and the image was fine. No green retrace. I figured it was a dirty board and that reset the system.

QUESTION NO. P21303-8: Magnavox TV chassis 25B800-7562 came in with no verticle deflection, D409 is shorted, R420, & D455 check good. Is there a sub I can use for D409? The # on it is 33 j ph I do not have access to OEM parts. Philips part number for D409 is 4835 130 37094, which crosses to NTE/ECG 580.

QUESTION NO. P12803-5: Toshiba CF266A (Chassis 9100) TV vertical picture squashed and approximately 4 inches raised from bottom of screen. Vertical pot just stretches picture.
Check all capacitors close to the vertical IC, normally they beame leaky due to heat. If you have a capacitance meter it will help.

QUESTION NO. P13003-10: Sony KV2179MT TV has no sound until 20-30 minute warmup. Is there any electrolytic dry or short in the power supply or do I need to change the audio IC?
Test the audio/video input by inputting any DVD player or VCR. If sound is okay, the trouble will be on the IF block section.

QUESTION NO. P12803-8: RCA CTC197CE2 TV was dead, replaced all caps in power supply section, q14101, HOT, FBT. Set came up and stayed on for 30 seconds, went into shut down and then would try to restart. HOT gets extremely hot very fast. Have taken FBT out and can get audio to come up. Some of the waveforms that are on the HOT don't look like the ones in the service manual. Unplugged the vertical coils and still cannot get set to come up. Most diodes test and seem to be good.
Check and replace cap in Horz drive circuit, may be out of value causing Horz change in Horz drive wave to Flyback. Also check for a Higher Amp Transistor (H.O.T).

QUESTION NO. P11003-2: Panasonic CT-13R32CE TV, chassis:DP358 reported to intermittently come back on after being shut off. I checked soldering and visually inspected components but found no problems nor did the TV act up in my shop. The customer took it home and sure enough same problem.
A "universal remote" being used to control a TV or VCR sends out a POWER ON code for a stereo component. Do this to test: Have customer cover IR remote receiver "eye" on unit with index card and see if problem stops. If so, assume some other remote/IR Source in room is turning unit on. Experiment with all the buttons on remotes to see if you can find out what one it is. In my case, reprogramming the universal remote with another code set for the TV solved problem.

QUESTION NO. P10903-5: Mitsubishi CS-26301 TV, vertical is "jittery", rolls and intermittently locks correctly for short period on RF, video and S-video inputs. Menu screen is correct.
Change all .47uf and 10uf miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors on the PIP module. Some may have leaked and damaged foil. Pip module C7001.

QUESTION NO. P:123002-2: JVC AV-21ME TV, clicks continuously as the LED flashes. I checked the components around the switching transistor and controller in the S6707 IC and they are testing OK.
Replace the IC S6707.

QUESTION NO. P102802-7: Azura T19A+ monitor also called TE995B that has no video. R629 on the main board has over heated and gets red hot when power is applied. Have checked all the transistors mounted on the heat sink and they appear to be OK.
Check the traces on the PCB that comes from and to the overheating resistor. Locate all circuits in series and parallel with this resistor. Test all components that you find across this circuit. Also, a FBT/HOT/main power could cause this problem. If the resistor is 5W and more, problem is mostly related to powerful components around it. If resistor is less than 1W, problem could also be in low power circuits

QUESTION NO. P111902-10: RCA Sears ctc140 TV has a snapping sound and crt goes black. Crt always returned stable after 1 second. This time did not return. Fuse f4001 Ok, sound good.
It sounds related to HOT/Flyback transformer/HV section. Try to repeat the problem and see an arc or smell ozone (like near a photocopier). FBT could have the insulation removed between a few wire turns. Could also be the HV network that lost his insulation. Check for voltage across each pins of the FBT compared to chassis ground. It could also be a shorted or near end of life damping diode near the HOT. When the problem happens, does the intensity of the screen lowers ? Lower intensity = low HV = arc in HV.

QUESTION NO. P112102-7: Hitachi 32UX8B TV (A4LXU main PCB) is dead. The power supply is trying to start every few seconds but keeps shutting down, I assume from current overload. I disconnected PNH2 from the power supply and the power supply seems to start ok with 125 VDC measured at the connector with no load. PNH2 has large brown, green, and orange wires going to the main board in the area of the high voltage section and large heat sinked semiconductors.
First check for a short in all power semiconductors diodes, transistors, SCR, etc. Replace defective parts. Make a test with a 60W light bulb in series with power line for current limiting. Then try with a 100W light bulb. Then try directly with power line. The FBT coould also be defective. Check the voltage on each of his pins.

QUESTION NO. P110802-6: Admiral TV with G.E. ctc167r chassis, picture collapsed, no vertical, cr4802 burned up. Replaced with specified substitute, vertical came back but picture now bowed in on sides about 1-1/2". Replaced horizontal output q4401, no change. Checked c4406, c4402, c4403 all seem o.k. Measure 24 volt on q4804 instead of 15.2 specified in schematic. Horizontal width control has no effect. Next step is to replace all pincushion transistors, but still feel problem linked to the burned up cr4802.
After repair of vert, if unit has hourglass pix ) (, My fix was CR4403 part# (164589). Other possibles though, CR4401, C4407, C4403.

QUESTION NO. P111802-5: RCA CTC169CA6 TV has all screen black, except for a vertical light line in the center from top to bottom, audio fine, a little smell of burnt.
Check for a dry solder joint feeding the yoke.

QUESTION NO. P111802-8: Telefunken 615 TV blows line Output Transistor (BU208A) immediately at switch on. Power supply runs perfectly with line stage disconnected - U1 stable at 151volts. Replaced LOPT and flyback caps, C181, C182, C183. Horizontal freq appears to be fine - tested with oscilloscope.
Try ringing the yoke, would suspect that has shorted turns.

QUESTION NO. P102802-8: Zenith b27a11z TV, tuner and inputs working fine, no color output black and white only. Change 221-1165 video processor. Replace TA1268N or can use TA1242N.

QUESTION NO. P110802-2: Samsung TXH1370/XAA TV when the power button is pressed, the picture will not show and the Standby light flashes. The customer told me that it was dropped.
How can you expect a logical answer to this question, the set has suffered random damage in a fall. The panel is cracked, beyond that, who knows.

QUESTION NO. P102102-10: Panasonic CT-27G4A TV, chassis AP325 has a horizontal line in the centered in the middle of the screen. I need the value of D554 on the main board as it is burnt and shorted.
The Panasonic part number for D554 is AU02. Check C555 (22uf 250v), C559 and L351 on crt board .you might have a bad crt.

QUESTION NO. P101802-10: Phillips TV chassis 27F800 the power button will power up the set for about 1-2 seconds then relay shuts down. In standby there is 130 main supply and other supplies. When the power button is pressed, I can hear the vertical sweep for that time. Looking at the high voltage when powered up there is only 20 kv which bothers me. The factory said there are a lot of troubles with the vertical output ic. I changed it with oem only. Checked the resistors off the flyback all ok. I scoped the pins to the micro for a vertical pulse and horizontal, both 5 volt p.p. The voltages off the flyback all seem within reason. The two troubling me are the 50volt which is supposed to feed the vertical output ic measures 34 volt ,the vcc to the video output I believe is supposed to be 195. I measure 135 but the hv is down to 20 kv. I changed the flyback. I cannot find anything shorted or leaky. I checked what I thought to be troubles with my Huntron tracker curve tracer. Everything shows ok.
It has been my experience with this chassis that when it starts and then shuts down, it is related to the vertical circuit. However, if the IC has been changed and the +/- 15v supplies are ok, then the most likely culprit is the signal process IC. Sorry, don't have ref # at my fingertips.
Make sure Vertical IC used is STV9379FA part # 932212147687

QUESTION NO. P102902-7: Zenith Z27X31D TV has green picture primarily. The OSD has red and blue showing up just fine. This set has auto tracking for the pix tube. I changed the tube with a good one and still the same. IC2500 was changed with no results either. There is evidence of smearing virtually all objects on the screen. I have since found the problem. I was viewing the files on your site and found someone who was talking about the resistors on the G-2 board of the pix and I remembered that too. There was one open on this TV.

QUESTION NO. P110102-1: GE 31GT659 CTC187 TV has had all chassis tuner/GND repairs made in past. It now has a blown fuse. Bridge rect output shorted to GND. Replaced internally shorted U4101 (STK730-150) and shorted CR4106 (140V line's rect diode on secondary of T4101). Found no other def comp's. Set works but both bright + pict controls need to be max'd for good picture. Find 140V line loading down to 133V when set is on (140V in standby) also 190V line (derived from 140V) down to 167V. Checked all waveforms and voltages found only T4101 feed to 140V line only 300Vpp instead of 484Vpp(Sams) w/set ON 390Vpp off. T4101 prim is 155V close to the 160V(Sams) Checked all 140V+190V users and can not find load.
Do not believe you have a short, rather you have a low reading on the mains reservoir capacitor or the B+ filter. Would suspect the reservoir was damaged or went short and was blown open as the bridge shorted.

QUESTION NO. P103102-8: Mitsubishi CK-3536R TV has no video or sound, (dark screen). The menu items and screen work fine as well as all character generators. There is audio and video at the tuner out jacks on the back but nothing on the monitor out jacks.
If this TV has PIP, look at PIP board C7001 and C7036. They are famous for leaking. Check board closely for damage from electrolyte. Usually the sound will still work with his problem

QUESTION NO. P102202-6: RCA F27227EM TV. I need the part number for U900V audio output IC. The original has a large hole in it where the numbers used to be.
U1900 - 5W analog audio output IC is RCA P/N 250031. I do not know of a generic IC. Tritronics has this part in stock.

QUESTION NO. P101802-4: GE 25GT542 TV chassis CTC177AH replaced bad reg and several caps but R4702U is burnt beyond ID.
GE 25GT542 TV chassis CTC177AH, RCA # 215210=2.0 ohm,2 watt, RCA # 215211=2.2 ohm,2 watt.

QUESTION NO. P100402-3: GE 20GT324 CTC175A2 TV is intermittent. Sometimes when hit on top of cabinet, picture will disappear and bright green screen will display. Also seems to be permanent bright green once TV has warmed up. I r-soldered the usual cold joints.
Look at the "tips & tricks" section of this site for the procedure of discharging the internal CRT short.

QUESTION NO. P101702-10: RCA ctc177bh2 TV has a good picture but the sides are bowed in. I checked everything and changed the eeprom and the lm311ic. C4407=RCA # 214754 CR4403=RCA # 164589.

QUESTION NO. P91902-6: ctc 177 TV. Is c17417 in the tuner module?
No, it is not in the tuner module nor anywhere else in the tv.

QUESTION NO. P91302-10: ctc177bh2 TV, soldered all the joints ect., horizontal edge tearing in intermittently, set horiz. freq. above and below param. doesn't help.,,,,

QUESTION NO. P91102-6: Panasonic CT27S18S TV has pincushion condition, bowing in on both sides. Components in pincushion circuit test OK, but still have the problem.
Panasonic CT27S18S,

QUESTION NO. P92402-5: Panasonic CT-27G20T TV came in dead and IC801 STK730-020 was bad. Replaced and now IC801 runs hot. So hot the plastic case will distort after about 30 minutes. Checked C814 22/63V and filters in secondary of switcher supply. Filters all checked OK for value and ESR. Thinking T801 may be bad.,

QUESTION NO. P100102-7: Panasonic CT31G10T TV has no audio or video sync until heats up in 5 minutes then is fine. Regulator was replaced, no improvement.,

QUESTION NO. P100202-1: JVC AV-2120 TV does not power up. Main power switch L.E.D. comes on. Relay clicks when remote on/off switch pressed. This problem occurred over a several week period. It would take longer to power up each time until finally it would not power up. JVC says this TV is obsolete and info and parts are no longer available.
Check the 3 terminal 9 volt regulator and the electrolytic capacitor next to it.

QUESTION NO. P92602-5: RCA F27227EM TV, CTC169CF2 has no audio, Audio switching IC is working correctly. Low level audio is present at the base of Q406 + Q407. Voltages are B=0V with audio E= -3.4V C= -12.84V. These are surface mount transistors.
Coming off Pin 13 of U1410 through Q1406 to U1402 Pins 8, 9, and 10 should have 5.7v on each. Coming of Pin 3 of U1410 through Q1407 to U1402 Pins 12, 13, 14 should read 5.7v. Pin 8 goes to U1501 Pin 15 and Pin 14 of U1402 goes to Pin 16 of U1501 both should read 5.7v

QUESTION NO. P91802-1: Panasonic TC-33V2H TV goes in to overvoltage shutdown. Set will come on briefly with variac. Unsolder collector of HOT=horizontal output transistor and see if unit remains on or unsolder one of the flyback's secondary outputs one at a time to determine if it is being loaded down. Try ringing the flyback with a flyback tester.

QUESTION NO. P91602-2: Sylvania/Phillips RKK196 CH03 TV with burnt components R429 and C430. I need the values of these. RKK196 CH03 TV, R429=NAP # 4835 116 57043, Description 24 ohm,3 Watt metal film, C430=NAP # 4835 121 47034, Description 1000PF,400V PO.

QUESTION NO. P100302-6: Sharp 27J-S100 TV, the input fuse opened and found Q602 shorted. No other components were found to be bad (capacitors, diodes or transistors). Replaced the fuse and Q602, both failed again as soon as the TV was powered on. I suspect that the high voltage transformer is bad. What else could be causing Q602 to short, the yoke?
More than likely it is the yoke as you can see from older postings. You can build a great flyback/yoke tester for free & an ESR cap tester from common repair parts that most repair shops have in stock.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

QUESTION NO. P100302-3: Sony KV-27V36 TV, the main tuner stopped working but the PIP tuner still works. The other inputs such as VCR and DVD inputs work fine. Customer is using the VCR as tuner. All the paths on the tuner boards seem fine. Unsolder tuner board from main board, remove both tuner shields and resolder broken/cold solder joints.

QUESTION NO. P100402-1: Apex AT2402 TV chassis 10c1(s) powers up with a green screen with retrace lines. Everything else is working fine.
Replace tda6108.

QUESTION NO. P92402-1: Toshiba cf2758 TV, chassis 8820 has a 2-3 inch black bar across the top of the crt. Change C301 & C305=1uf or 2.2uf, 50v both are red colored or brown colored Elna brand radial electrolytic capacitors, one is located near the color processor and one near IC301=AN5515 or 21=vertical output IC

QUESTION NO. P92702-7: Sony KV20V50 TV has very intermittent audio. I resoldered several bad joints on the tuner and surrounding transistors, but no help. I noticed that there is a 220 ohm resistor in the location marked c101, which ties to pin # 24 of the tuner.
If that unit has the tiny Sony SBX1637-01/11 then replace it, pcb location MM201. For more info,

QUESTION NO. P100102-3: RCA X13101GS TV. I need the value of RP01.
RP01=RCA # 198648=NTE # HW2D7=Generic # 2.7 ohms,5%,1/2 watt Carbon film.

QUESTION NO. P100402-8: Hitachi 27CX3BC TV Chassis A3LXU has a white line across the screen from left to right and the sound can still be heard.
Replace all electrolytic capacitors in the vertical section. Usually they will have the same prefix designation (pcb location) vertical output IC. Other part #'s for LA7837, ECG7104, NTE7104, RCA # SK10085, Emerson # 033020783716, Goldstar # 06300799, Goldstar # 221-637, Goldstar # 0ISA783700A, Hitachi # 2000581, JVC # LA7837, Mitsubishi # 272P239030, Panasonic # LA7837, Philips # 4835 209 88076, Philips # 4835 209 88188, RCA # SK10085, Sanyo # 409 173 2703, Sony # 8-759-822-02, Toshiba # 23319459, Unknown OEM # 46-133000-3. You can also use LA7838=ECG7039/NTE7039 as stated here,, Emerson # I03SD78380, Goldstar #221-637, JVC # LA7838, Panasonic # LA7838, Sanyo # 409 173 2802, Unknown OEM # 46-133195-3. When replacing the IC clean off the old heat sink compound grease and use new one of course.

QUESTION NO. P100402-6: Zenith se2593y TV. Problem in 9-520-07. After replacing shorted Q3401 and L3403 the xistor shorted again . I had 200W lamp in series with line volts, is there a safety cap in sw. power supply?

QUESTION NO. P101102-6: ctc185ab3 TV, display appears when volume or channel button is used, however when menu button is pushed there is no display. Unit will go into service mode.
Replace U3201V=EEPROM and resolder tuner & micor grounds, also resolder leads on RT4201K=degauss thermistor.

QUESTION NO. P100102-6: Magnavox MT1331 TV. I need specs of Q676, on the body of the component is written A1F4M. It is a TO-92 - 3 pins assembly.
AA1F4M is an NEC digital transistor; an NTE/ECG 2357 is equivalent. Get the PDF file at for the specs on AA1F4M.

QUESTION NO. P91902-9: RCA ctc185ab4 TV, channels 2 through 51 are snowy. Channels 51 and up are good. Changing u7301 and soldering tuner wrap did not help.
Reset all of the channel parameters, as per sams chassis alignment parameters.

QUESTION NO. P91602-9: Toshiba CF2034J TV starts out with 1" black bar at bottom of screen. After warm up the screen stretches back to size but top and bottom of picture is off the screen. Later the black bar takes over half the screen and never changes. Replaced the two 2.2micorfarad 50v caps (c301,c305) ,vertical AN5515 and Horizontal output transistor. Now there is only a green line in middle of screen (swapped the HOT when the line was the new symptom). Going to check R327, 5.6ohm resistor and the rectifier diode per previous postings.
The end result of the green line was the test switch on the CRT board was flipped. Caps and Vert deflection fixed the original problem.


QUESTION NO. P90602-9: Hitachi CMT2918 TV has intermittent color. Resoldered numerous components with cracked solders. Color comes in more frequent as sets warm up but continues to drift in and out. Tried cold spray to no avail.
Had a similar problem on another brand with possibly the same chassis. Turned out to be supply resistor 7 watt ww ceramic type partially open. If there are any on this board check them all accurately.

QUESTION NO. P91002-8: Sony KV27XBR10 TV is dead. As soon as the set is plugged, the relay clicks however there is no picture, no sound. The relay does not respond to either the power button switch on the set or the remote power button. The relay clicks again when the power plug is pulled out of the receptacle. IC651,STR-S6301A was replaced by another STR-S6301A. Both the picture and sound came back, but, they lasted only for couple of minutes. The relay had been just replaced.
You may have to replace the STRS6301A again, but before you turn the set on, you need to resolder the bad connections. These will be not only on the power supply board, but also on the main board. There are typically a lot of flaky connections in these sets. Most of the regulators, the vertical output, etc. will probably need to be hit. Also make sure to check the horizontal drive transformer. Get a good magnifying glass to find them, you will be amazed at how many there are on the power supply alone.

QUESTION NO. P82202-6: RCA CTC 121 TV, diode CR408 is? There are no visible designations on the component.
CR408 is a damper diode part# 146316 or NTE525.

QUESTION NO. P73002-4: Hitachi 27CX25B TV, chassis M3LXU is dead. Rang flyback on Sencore tester. OK. Electrolytic cap popped top near collector of H.O.T. 470uF down about 150uf changed. Set's relay clicks but not much else. Possibly surged.
Replace IC601=vertical ouput IC and all of the electrolytic capacitors in the vertical section which begin with pcb locations C601 and so on. I believe that IC 601 is a LA7837, if so are other part #'s for itare ECG7104, NTE7104, Emerson # 033020783716, Goldstar # 06300799, Hitachi # 2000581, JVC # LA7837, Mitsubishi # 272P239030, Panasonic # LA7837-TV, Philips # 4835 209 88076, Sanyo # 409 173 2703, Sony # 8-759-822-02. Note: you can also use LA7838=ECG7039/NTE7039 as stated here When replacing the IC clean off the old heat sink compound grease and use new one of course.

QUESTION NO. P83002-6: RCA CTC140E TV has pincushioning very bad - bowed in at sides, can't seem to find any adjustment for it. Also, picture washes out after a few minutes like someone's turned up the screen adj on the flyback - and turning it down (the screen adjustment) does darken it, but it only washes out again after about 30 seconds. Everything else works great.
You have two problems, a horizontal pincushion problem caused a capacitor or resistor in the horizontal section and a weak old crt,. Since the second problem is costly and the unit being old to begin with the unit is not worth repairing, it is about 18 years old.

QUESTION NO. P83002-4: Mitsubishi CS 35301 TV. The display intermittently turns to "raining blue streaks". I tried degaussing and no change.
Remove PIP board, remove all 20 or so surface mounted electrolytic capacitors, especially C4007=4.7 UF,35V,clean board, and install new caps either smt's or through hole types and install a jumper from C4007's + lead to the main board which leads to an smt chip because the trace will deteriorate due to electrolite liquid corrosion. Mitsubishi sells these caps as part #'s IC401 KIT or CM KIT

QUESTION NO. P72302-2: Z25A66R (9-1831) TV. After storm, no video, no sound, OSD ok. Through A/V jacks no video but sound ok. Satellite system was also zapped.
Disconnect all data lines at the tuner. Along with itself, a bad tuner can also cause loss of external video. Lightning damages tuner which, in turn, causes bad data on the common-buss lines.

QUESTION NO. P71602-10: Sanyo DS25590 TV, the front panel buttons have no control. They will turn the set on but that is it, no volume, menu, or turner. The set must then be unplugged to power it down. I checked the v reg and surrounding active components and they are fine.
Those switches are notorious for leakage. Try cleaning them before replacement.

QUESTION NO. P72402-2: Hitachi CT 1322 TV, no video, audio ok. Checked CRT, cleaned tuner, etc. Turning up G2 control on flyback reveals retrace lines. Delay line ok.
In answer to my own question D701 was leaky off abl line of flyback. Replaced with used part from other Hitachi set. Only marking on glass diode was H don't know what this is for ECG or NTE number.

QUESTION NO. P80702-7: NEC fs 6831s TV with vertical collapse. I replaced the upc1498h chip and the electrolytics in the area, also replaced the fusable resistor. There seems to be no voltage from pin 7 of the lopt. I also replaced a number of diodes in the vertical area. There are now voltages around the chip (they where not there before).
My records show no vertical as C406, C410, C411 and C625 leaking and burning print. IC401 and R523 (2.2ohm1W), and D523 short but obviously if you have no drive could be the jungle IC. Also got a C423 (18K) open in a similar model.

QUESTION NO. P80802-2: RCA TV CTC167C chassis, replaced an open fuse and a shorted HOT. TV now powers up but the picture is a real bright blue with fine retrace lines with no control of the brightness. I replaced the flyback but did no good. I hooked up another chassis and the TV worked okay.
Go to the videochannel and adjust the Ug2 on the flyback. When the picture is dark with no traces, it should be ok.

QUESTION NO. P80102-6: Philips 14CE1002 TV originally forgot the preset channels after having been turned off for a while. It was losing sound and color, I replaced the battery. Now the preset channels are remembered, but sound and color are still lost when the set is switched off.
You have to memorize the PP settings. Philips use two methods, first one is to 1. Open memory by pressing the Personal Preference button, set to desired close memory. 2. Set to desired then press the memory close button. Memory open = open diamond \> or enable. Memory closed = full diamond<> or execute.

QUESTION NO. P72202-10: National TC 2630VR TV. What is the FBT number? The label stuck on the item was lost by the owner when he opened the set.
On model TC 2633 which probably has the same flyback, Panasonic (National,Quasar) TLF14520F,TLF14568F, Generic ME/6463-00, HR Diemen HR7267, Konig (Koenig) FAT 30105 and can be ordered from HR Diemen SA, Edificio Dimabel 08512, Saint Hipolit de Voltrega, Barcelona, Spain Tel 34 93 850 23 23, Fax 34 93 850 24 62.,, or Koenig Electronic GmbH, D-64381 Postach 1120, D64385 Reichelsheim, Germany, Tel 49 (0) 6164-5037-0, Fax 49 (0)6164-5037-85,,,

QUESTION NO. P80502-1: Samsung TC9885t-b TV shows horizontal line in the middle of screen. HOT replaced, resistors and caps read ok.
Replace all radial electrolytic capacitors in the vertical section they should have the same prefix designation as the vertical output IC,then replace the vertical IC as well and check the low ohms 1/2 or 1 watt fusable resistor connected to the VCC (B+) of the vertical IC and also check the rectifier diode connected to that resistor and the flyback.

QUESTION NO. P71602-5: Toshiba CX3583A TV when plugged in, the power relay clicks very fast. It is not necessary to push the power button for relay clicking to start. After this there is no picture/no sound. No blown fuses.

QUESTION NO. P71602-7: Zenith SJ773BG TV has lightly distorted audio (picture is great). Same mild distortion at all volume levels. Does the same with external speakers as with preamp out. then click on "TSS log for Zenith".

QUESTION NO. P71102-4: Zenith SY2788DT TV has no HV but the sound is OK and I can change channels. Replaced the fuse FX3403 and QX3208 which were short and checked CR3412 diode which was OK. Lots of relevant repair tips at then click on "TSS log for Zenith".
Check C3434-22uFx63v.

QUESTION NO. P70302-4: GE 25GT506 TV Chassis CTC177AA2/3 some of the channels not working. EEprom was replaced. The original parameters were changed by another technician.,,,,, then click on "TSS log for RCA CTC177".

QUESTION NO. P71602-2: Sony KV-2966MNT TV chassis SCC-D18U has no power but the standby LED is lit and when turned on it will turn off (LED). When any other button is pressed it is blinking (LED). I replaced open R340 and shorted FBT but R340 keeps smoking every time I turn it on. I am not sure of the exact value of R340, I replaced it with 390ohms.

QUESTION NO. P71602-1: Sony kv-35s42 TV has no picture or sound. There is 135vB+ and high voltage. The front timer light blinks steady. I checked all voltages from power supply and sweep supply voltages, they check good. If the screen control is turned up, there are retrace lines but picture is pulled down and pulled in. I replaced vertical ic with TDA8172 which took care of pulling in but is still pulled down.

QUESTION NO. P71702-9: The coaxial input on the back of a Sharp 25A-M100 TV is broken. Removed back panel and unplugged coaxial input into RF converter. Need part number for new plug/housing for coaxial input.
Emerson # 1398-011, Goldstar # 401-068B, Hitachi P2687561, NAP # 4835 218 2701, NAP # 4835 219 47173, Samsung # 34544-200-002, Samsung # 32079-0032-000, MCM Electronics # 32-5890, MCM Electronics # 32-6520. Note: any electronic supply store will carry the generic replacement for about $5-10 instead of the above #'s which range for $15-30.

QUESTION NO. P71802-2: Sony Remote Commander Model RM-821 for KV-S34MH1 TV is dead. Checked all components except for the IC.
If it does turn out to be the IC, it would cost a small fortune as it would have to come from Sony. If Sony does sell it will probably be backordered so get a used refurbished or new original for a lot less from
I didn't do anything on the TV set nor buy a new remote commander. Last night when I turned on the TV all the preset channels were gone. It was reset and just displaying C00. I tried changing the channel from the panel of the TV but to no avail.. I tried using the Remote Commander to change channel and it miraculously worked! What happened on TV set? Now my Tuner seems to be playing up. It doesn't store preset channels.

QUESTION NO. P72202-5: Quasar TP2020DW TV. I need a part number or sub for the IR which is bad.

QUESTION NO. P72302-5: Toshiba 2918KTV TV. When first powered up, the lower 20% of the picture is blank, there is raster on the vertical top and middle and then remaining 80% distorts the subjects. After warming up for 15 minutes the picture becomes normal.
Change C301 & C305=1uf or 2.2uf, 50v both are red colored or brown colored Elna brand radial electrolytic capacitors, one is located near the color processor and one near IC301=AN5515 or 21=vertical output IC

QUESTION NO. P72502-6: Zenith DH2055W TV will not power on. How do I get into service mode?,,

QUESTION NO. P80202-7: Mitsubishi CS-26EX1 TV, the audio is fine at power up but the Video looks like a negative copy from a film. After a few minutes this problem clears up.
Remove the PIP board, unsolder all (10-20 or so) surface mounted electrolytic capacitors then clean board with alcohol and Q-tips or board cleaner the replace the caps with surface mounted ones or ordinary through hole types, preferably Panasonic brand.

QUESTION NO. P73002-2: Mitsubishi CS-27EX1 TV. PIP screen is dark when swapped primary screen is fine. Remove the PIP board, unsolder all (10-20 or so) surface mounted electrolytic capacitors then clean board with alcohol and Q-tips or board cleaner the replace the caps with surface mounted ones or ordinary through hole types, preferably Panasonic brand.

QUESTION NO. P80102-10: Toshiba cx28613 TV has severe vertical stretch. Picture shakes vertically until set is warmed up. Change C301 & C305=1uf or 2.2uf, 50v both are red colored or brown colored Elna brand radial electrolytic capacitors, one is located near the color processor and one near IC301=AN5515 or 21=vertical output IC.

QUESTION NO. P80202-1: Magnavox TR2512 C121 TV Chassis 25P601-00AA. I need the part. no. for the horizontal output transistor.

Q502=Philips # 483513047897,Generic # S2055AF, ECG # ECG2353,NTE2353.

QUESTION NO. P62502-9: Magnavox EM5019 C121 TV. Need to find eeprom already set up for menu to reprogram channels.

QUESTION NO. P61102-3: Sears 509-14370 TV, chassisA67, made by JVC, the board is labeled CKF0822-DU3-1. TV turns on when first plugged in for a couple of seconds then shuts off afterward, only a slight relay click. Repaired bad solder & replaced defective parts D541=RGP10J (shorted) & R341=1.8 ohm,2w (open) located at the T522=FSM-27A001=flyback then IC421=LA7832 exploded. I checked most components around IC421 but no luck.

Answering my own question, I replaced C424=100 uf,35v along with C425=470 uf,35v C427=2200 uf,35v and IC421=LA7832 again now the TV runs great.

QUESTION NO. P62402-1: I need the procedure for accessing sub-menu on Sears 934.44708890 TV/VCR.

See answer to question P52002-9.

QUESTION NO. P61102-8: Magnavox HD1905 c121 TV. I need value for R423.

I cannot find R423, but R432=1 K ohm,1/2 watt.

QUESTION NO. P61302-4: RCA f27193bt TV has no power. I need the RCA reorder part number for RT201. This appears to be part of the degaussing circuit. One of the leads of a component (100-01A under that A1703) was not attached to the disk of the thermistor or varistor.

Resolder the two leads back onto RT4201K=degauss thermistor.

QUESTION NO. P61902-2: Toshiba CF3062A TV. When first powered up, the lower 20% of the picture is blank and the remaining 80% distorts the subjects. After warming up for 15 minutes the picture becomes normal.

Change C301 & C305=1uf or 2.2uf, 50v both are red colored or brown colored Elna brand radial electrolytic capacitors, one is located near thr color processor and one near IC301=AN5515 or 21=vertical output IC.

QUESTION NO. P61102-1: I recently replaced a power supply in a customers Sony kv-32s25 TV which powers on fine and works great for awhile then the picture goes black. There is still sound and the standby button flashes. This happens 90% of the time during a commercial, and 10% of the time during a movie. I have been into the setup menu 100 times and cannot find anything on standby in there or on the remote.

For reading Sony standby blinking LED's