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QUESTION NO. P31103-7: Sony DVP-S560D DVD player, when I disc is inserted, it spins for a while and then it says "NO DISC". I cleaned the head and it does the same thing.

Replace micro fuse on the underside of the DVC pcb. Then replace the laser if the fuse is ok

QUESTION NO. P73002-5: Panasonic DVD A310, CD's play fine but intermittently skips when running DVD's. When shuttling forward or reverse this causes it to skip even more and even causes it to lock up. I suspect laser pick up or microprocessor but how do I confirm either?

Clean the cd laser pickup lens and the cd assembly slide rails.

QUESTION NO. P61402-4: RCA RC5215P DVD Player is dead. Blown fuse and several components below were shorted. (I know that this is a throwaway model by RCA but I do not accept defeat easily). I replaced MosFET Q14100 which is P4NB50FP with NTE2946, CR14102 a zener diode with ECG140A, CR14120 with NTE587, R14106 with a 3 ohm 3W Resistor of exact value and of course the 3A fuse. The unit played fine for 10 minutes and then the fuse blew. The MOSFET Q14100 shorted and the zener diode CR14102 shorted. I checked every component in and around the power supply, especially resistors.

Your best bet is to replace the components with original. I never got service from subs.

QUESTION NO. P60602-6: Samsung DVD DVD-739/XAC the picture will freeze halfway through the movie on some dvds. Nothing looks burnt & soldering looks good.

Answering my own question, the cd laser pickup lens & cd slide rails were dirty, cleaning them restored normal operation.