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QUESTION NO. P32703-2: Toshiba 1310 copier exposure lamp stays on all the time. The triac is M12GZ46 and the photo triac is T9227 TLP560G. I need substitutes and a source.

To replace Toshiba's SM12GZ46 Triac, ST Micro's BTA12-400C Triac, or Teccor's Q4016LH4 Triac might be used. To replace a Toshiba TLP560G (standard), a MOC3022, MOC3023, TLP3022, or TLP3023 optocoupler might substitute. If the TLP560G is rated IFT7 or IFT5, only use MOC3023 or TLP3023. Mouser Electronics ( and Digikey ( are possible sources for these.

 QUESTION NO. P91102-8: Searching for a source, specs or sub for a (2S)K2188 Power MOSFET for smps for Sharp UX-300 fax machine. Sharp has no phone support, and have ignored my email for over 2 weeks. 

For the original 2SK2188, a 500 Volt FET made by Shindengen, try B&D Enterprises ( But this FET could also be substituted by IRFIB7N50A, listed by Digikey (, among others; or by an IRF840A with insulator hardware; or by NTE 2946.
See this URL for Spec. http//

 QUESTION NO. P111-1: SCSI Scanner AGFA STUDIOSCAN II. I need the specs or sub for Circuit Lamp driver Component Transistor Package TO-92 marking first line S (possibly a logo) KSP second line 44 third line EB 414 E-B-C printed on the PCB.

KSP44 is a Samsung high voltage transistor, Vcbo = 500V, Vceo = 400V, 300 mA, 0.625 Watt, TO-92 case; it is equivalent to MPSA44. Radio Shack ( and Dalbani ( are listing MPSA44, online.

 QUESTION NO. P821-4: Power supply from a Toshiba Portege 610CT (PCB #FM3PS3). There are 7 components marked J377. They are 3 lead, black, 1/4" wide case with small heatsink on back. One of them, located directly behind the laptop's reset button, was shattered by a client shoving stuff in the hole. What is it and where I can find it?

This sounds like Toshiba's 2SJ377, a P-channel MOSFET, rated 60 Volts, 5 Amps, 20 Watts, TO-251 case. Dalbani Corp. (800-325-2264; is currently listing 2SJ377 on their website.

 QUESTION NO. P726-6: An FET, part of the power supply for the LCD monitor for an AST laptop (AST J50), marked 'Z 5', a tiny surface-mount package, about 4mm by 2mm by 1mm, has burnt out. Similar parts on the board present diode-like resistances between all pairs of leads (infinity in one direction, about 1K in the opposite), while I would expect a FET to have the same resistance in both directions between Source and Drain. But the motherboard labels the connections with S, G, and D. With what can I replace it?

According to my transistor equivalents guide, Z5 is a MOS-N-FET =2sk1717. I have not used one myself , so proceed with caution.

 QUESTION NO. P614-3: Konica Copier has TO-92, 3 term device, used as a switch with "D1111 2K" marking. I need an equivalent.

This sounds like 2SD1111, an NPN Darlington, rated 80 Vcbo, 50 Vceo, 0.7 Amp, 0.6 Watt, gain > 5000. 2SD1111 itself is listed by Mouser Electronics (800-346-6873;, and B&D Enterprises (800-458-6053; In a pinch, you might try NTE/ECG 46.

 QUESTION NO. P525-2: I need a source for a transistor labeled K973. It serves as a 24V switch in a stapling unit of a copy machine manufactured by Minolta.

2SK973 is a 60 Volt, 2 Amp, Rds[on] < 0.35 ohm, logic-level MOSFET. But 2SK973 can be found in either surface-mount, or thru-hole packages, and you did not describe the package. Union Electronics (800-648-6657; http// does list a 2SK973, but does not describe their package type. Otherwise, to replace the surface-mount form, STD10N10L and STD12N06L are listed by Mouser (800-346-6873;, while to replace the thru-hole type, Digikey (800-344-4539; lists a Toshiba MOSFET, 2SK2231, with similar specs.

 QUESTION NO. P516-5: Brother fax machine blows fuses. Traced it down to the power FET which has 01 then K 2651 then .75 on it (TO-220). I am assuming that it is a 2SK2651 - 01, I need a source or a suitable substitute.

2SK2651-01 is rated 900 Volt, 6 Amps, 50 Watt, Rds[on] < 2.5 ohm @ 3 Amp, TO220FI case. A suitable substitute for that FET would be FS7KM-18A, listed by B&D Enterprises (800-458-6053;

 QUESTION NO. P106-3: GE Imager 901 video projector. When powering up, picture has ringing in it and the picture is bowed in on the top and bottom. The projector then shuts down the CRTs and displays a code F3 on the display panel.

Trying to tell you it has a pincushion problem and probably some leaky capacitors in the power supply.

 QUESTION NO. P122-3: Magnavox Projection system Model RK8548 AK02 Chassis #08521658. I get a very dim and short picture which is in the center for a few seconds at time. Sometimes it will come on normal. The tuner takes a long time to start working. I think the flyback transformer is going bad, could not see a part # on flyback. Does anyone have an answer or could it be something else?

First, confirm the coolant fluid for the crts has not become clouded by bacteria growth. Second, the power dupply module, plug in, may be developing poor connections or breaking down.

QUESTION NO. P1118-4: Zenith Ultravision UV8000D overhead projector. I am getting "jail bars" as well as a horizontal pull which is most noticable when movie credits roll. Also when watching material which has 50-50 dark and light for example hockey which shows white ice and dark audience, the picture starts shaking. Are there replacement crt's available for this model? Zenith part #'s Red 100-789 Blue 100-789-02 Green 100-789-01.

Yes the CRTs are still available, you may want to consider having them rebuilt commercially. Video Display corp does a nice job on projector tubes. 

QUESTION NO. P1024-8: Where can I get parts for military surplus equipment, particularly power supplies?

In answer to your query on locating surplus military parts. There is a surplus warehouse in Orlando (Winter Park) Florida, that specializes in military electronics. They are located one block east of I-4 on Fairbanks ave. The name is SKYCRAFT. I have checked all my local area phone books for the number, but I live out of the Orlando area. I have been there quite a few times, and have always found anything I wanted, from computer parts to radar waveguides.

QUESTION NO. P87-1: Sharp Copier SF760. Unit was given to me, had dead batteries. After replacing batteries, it copies ok except the copy is shifted down about 1". Is there a memory setting to correct this? If so, how do I do it?

Did it copy ok before replacing batteries? If so, sounds like you messed up the mechanical timing changing the batteries. On my 755, none of the gears, pulley wire, etc. had to be removed for this, but on that one I do not know. CROP 13, 14 clear out most error codes and CROP (clear, repeat, 0/diamond, pause keys pressed in sequence followed by the print key) 20 resets a flashing print switch, I believe. There are about 25 or so diagnostics that can be run on these copiers. I do not think any exist for your problem.
Crops 50 is registration adjustment. Entering diags', CROP code is C for Clear, R for Repeat, arrows in circular motion, O for #0 key, P for Pause, arrows splitting '=' key. Will shut down. Enter 50, press print, wait to stop cycling. The current value will be displayed. Increase or decrease value. Then hit print until you get it where you want it.