Electronic Test Leads and Probes

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1-5/8" Black Test Clip
Probe 1-5/8" Black Test Clip
$ 0.79
1-5/8" Red Test Clip
Probe 1-5/8" Red Test Clip
$ 0.89
10-Piece 18“ Test Lead Set
10-Piece 22“ Test Lead Set
10-Piece 30“ Test Lead Set
100MHz Switchable Scope Probe100MHz Switchable Scope Probe
100MHz, Switchable Scope Probe
16-pin DIP IC "Snap-On" Adapter16-pin DIP IC "Snap-On" Adapter
2-1/4" Black Test Clip
Probe 2-1/4" Black Test Clip
$ 0.89
20 PIN, SOIC Test Clip20 PIN, SOIC Test Clip
22/24-Pin IC Test Clip
Probe 22/24-Pin IC Test Clip
$ 7.95
24 PIN, SOIC Test Clip24 PIN, SOIC Test Clip
250MHz Switchable Scope Probe250MHz Switchable Scope Probe
28 PIN, SOIC Test Clip28 PIN, SOIC Test Clip
40-Pin IC Test Clip
Probe 40-Pin IC Test Clip
$ 11.95
4mm Female, Alligator Clip
65MHz, Switchable Scope Probe
8 PIN, SOIC Test Clip8 PIN, SOIC Test Clip
8/14/16-Pin IC Test Clip
AC Voltage TesterAC Voltage Tester
Alligator Clip to 4mm Banana Jack with Push ButtonAlligator Clip to 4mm Banana Jack with Push Button
Alligator Solder Tag Test Clip, 43 x 13 x 7mm
Anatek Red/Black Sprung Hook Probes
AnaTek, Pair of Blue ESR/Low Ohms Croc Clips

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