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10 pin, Ribbon Connector #71600-110LF
64 pin (2x32) Female Ribbon Connector
128-pin (2x64) Female Ribbon Connector
10 pin, Ribbon Connector #1658623-1
36-pin Female Centronics Ribbon mount Connector
DB-25 Male Spectrum Wire Wrap SCI Connector # 56-721-005
DB-25 Female Connector # SCI-56-732-018
DB-25 Female Straight Solder Pin,
DB-25 Male Solder Pin Connector
DB-25 Male to, DB-9M Adapter
DB-25 Female to DB-25 Male Null Modem
DB-25 Female to 36-Pin Male Centronics AdapterDB-25 Female to 36-Pin Male Centronics Adapter
DB-25 Male to Centronics Adapter
DB-25, Dual Hood for Adapter
DB-9 Female to DB-25 Male, Adapter
DB-25 Male, Gender Changer
DB-25 Female Solder Cup ConnectorDB-25 Female Solder Cup Connector
DB-25 Femaleto RJ-45, Adapter
DB-25 Female, Straight Solder Pin
24-Pin Female Centronics Right Angle Solder Pin
36 pin Centronics Right Angle PCB, Connector
36 pin Centronics Solder Connector
36 pin Centronics Solder Connector
USB Type-A, PCB Solder Jack

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