Versatile PIC Programmed Flasher KIT- Requires Assembly - Requires Assembly

Electronic KITSKU: KIT_169

$ 22.59


This is a versatile LED or filament bulb flashing KIT. As we shall see the user can add almost any number of LEDs they want to from 1 up to about 160. It was first published in the UK magazine Everyday Practical Electronics in December, 2002. We have modified the design to use a ULN2803A chip instead of all the transistor/resistor combinations which allows not only for quicker construction but even more LEDs than the original design. The PIC code is the code as supplied on the EPE website. This is a KITand requires full assembly. Our KITs are only returnable if they are still in their original packaging. Alltronics part# KIT_169, online data sheet : [link removed]


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