Universal Project Power Supply PSSE4 with Coaxial Plug Set

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Get rid of those bulky power-hungry heat-producing mains adapters for each project, this adapters uses state-of-the-art switching supplies and has cooler running temp, low idle current, stabilized output & short-circuit/overload protection. Input 100 ~ 240VAC 50/60 Hz, it has selectable output voltages: 5VDC/0.6A (USB socket), 9.5 - 12V, 4.5A, 15V, 4A, 18 - 19V, 3.16A, 20VDC, 3A. Includes a multiple coaxial plug set: Bent plugs: 2 pcs, ID: 2.1mm, OD: 5.5mm, ID: 1.7mm, OD: 5.5mm. Straight plugs: 9 pcs ID: 1.7mm, OD: 4.75mm, ID: 3.0mm, OD: 6.3mm, ID: 1.4mm, OD: 6.5mm, special Dell 3-pin plug, ID: 1.0mm, OD: 5.0mm, ID: 1.9mm, OD: 5.5mm, ID: 2.5mm stereo plug, OD: 6mm, ID: 3.5mm stereo plug, OD: 9.3mm, ID: 0.6mm, OD: 7.4mm. Alltronics part#28E073. Datasheet : [link removed]

The product datasheet is available here to view

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