Thru Beam Photoeye Sensor PZ2-51P

SensorSKU: 24l004

$ 75


A Keyence Thru Beam Photoeye; self contained photoelectric sensor p/n PZ2-51P, 12-24V, PNP, 7000mm, opaque detecting, light=on or dark=on selectable, built in led indicators which works in ambient light, neat stuff!

Voltage (V )    12-24 DC
Sensor Operating Temperature (C. )    -20 to 55
Sensor Operating Temperature (F. )    -4 to 158
Sensor Descriptor    Photoelectric self contained
Transistor  =  PNP
High Speed Response Time  =  1.5ms max
Rated Output, Sensor  =  100 mA
Sensor Unit Application (Photoelectric)  =  Thrubeam
Detecting Distance (m )  =  7
Sensitivity Adjustment  =  1 Turn Trimmer
Sensor Light Source  =  Red LED
Sensor Housing  =  Reinforced Glass Resin
Sensor Connector and Mounting  =  Cable

The product datasheet is available here to view

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