Suit Heater Control, Rheostat

RheostatSKU: 23P101

$ 49.95


Military rheostat for controlling temperature in a heated flight suit the rheostat is rated at 5.75 Ohms, 100 Watts and is in a metal enclosure with a dual electrical outlet and control knob. The nomenclature on the panel reads: rheostat type Q-1B heated clothing 24V-100W - 5.75 Ohms, spec 94-32357-A Catalog # J-138 cont. w 33-038 ac 2136 property - Air Force U.S. Army Joel Co. Corporation These are packed in military boxes dated 1945
Definitely a collectible item 5" x 7.5" x 1.75" wt 2.2lbs.

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