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Set of Parrot 3mm PCX 1m Test Leads, 600V Cat III with Banana Plugs

Parrot Invent

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Set of Red/Black 3mm (hook width) PCX Test Leads, 600V Cat III with 1m Silicone Cable with Banana plug and Parrot PCX.
Parrot™ Clips with HQ leads and banana plugs or other connectors are the best solution for DDM, analog multimeter for high voltage measurements as well as for high current measurements. 
Parrot™ Probes are the best solution for accurate, reliable contact and connections for Fluke, Keithley, Agilent, Tektronix and other high quality equipment. Parrot Clips are also a very good ad to Pomona , Mueler or other test leads
The advantages of the Parrot Clip are an outcome of the Invention's Novelty - the METAL TIP.

The Metal tip is directly connected to the lead providing low resistance for both measuring methods:
1)  Hands-on, direct pointing
Hands-free, double metal connection

The Parrot clip provides eight major advantages toward the other test probes and clips (alligator clip, one hook clip, two hooks clip, etc.)
- Accessibility in narrow places (0,5mm - 4mm)
- Low point contact resistance (3mohm - 5mohm)
- Low connection resistance (3mohm - 5 mohm)
- High insulation (300V - 1000 V) IEC1010 CAT III
- High current (5A - 25 A)
- Reliable mechanical connection (metal tip + hook)
- Reliable connection at high temperature (90°C - 160°C)
For more info see the test clip  
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