Universal Regulated DC Power Supply, KIT - Requires Assembly

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Many times the hobbyist wants to use a standard three terminal voltage regulator for a project, but they do not have anywhere to mount it. Usually they end up soldering an electrolytic capacitor, 100nF monoblock, switch & regulator all in a spaghetti-wired mass and hope that it works. We have also faced this problem, so we decided to overcome it by making a universal PCB to take any positive 78xx, 3 pin voltage regulator in a TO-220 package. The voltage is specified by the last two digits. The full range of fixed voltage, 3-terminal regulators is: 7805, 7806, 7808, 7809, 7812, 7815, 7818, 7820 & 7824.

Note: The user supplies the 3 pin voltage regulator that they want to use. We have not provided one. The KITprovides the other components needed for most common applications which you will face.

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