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Red PCM 2mm Parrot Clip with 1m Jumper Lead

Parrot Invent

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Red 2mm (Hook width) PCM Parrot Clips with a 1 meter Jumper Lead. The ParrotTM Clip was awarded the Gold Medal at the World Fair of Inventions in Brussels 1991. These clips have test leads with Parrot clips at both ends.
The advantages of the Parrot Clip are an outcome of the Invention's Novelty - the METAL TIP.

The Metal tip is directly connected to the lead providing low resistance for both measuring methods:
1)  Hands-on, direct pointing
Hands-free, double metal connection

The Parrot clip provides eight major advantages toward the other test probes and clips (alligator clip, one hook clip, two hooks clip, etc.)

- Accessibility in narrow places (0.5mm - 4mm)
- Low point contact resistance (3mohm - 5mohm)
- Low connection resistance (3mohm - 5 mohm)
- High insulation (300V - 1000 V) IEC1010 CAT III
- High current (5A - 25 A)
- Reliable mechanical connection (metal tip + hook)
- Reliable connection at high temperature (90°C - 160°C)
For more info see the test clip  
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