RCA-Female to UHF-Male RF Adapter

RF ConnectorSKU: CZRU3

$ 2.29


UHF (PL259) male adapter to type RCA female. These are handy around the ham shack and test bench and for many applications such as for an RCA cable (50 Ohm/ type RG174 or RG58 or similar coax), or for short runs of lightweight flexible cables with RCA type connectors. Collins Radio had RCA connectors for the output in their S-Line products and transmitted 100 Watts over several feet of cable to supply exciter power to the Linear Amplifier. A significant cost savings can be realized by using quality lightweight coax as a feed line to antennas. A few of these around the test bench will come in handy for making temporary lash-ups and while testing/measuring/repairing radio equipment which generally requires cumbersome coaxial cables with PL259 connectors.

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