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'RADIO TESLA: The Secret of Tesla's Radio and Wireless Power by George Trinkaus In clear English, 66 illustrations, and a minimum of math, this booklet details the peculiar radio technology of Nikola Tesla. Early elemental radio devices like Tesla's are fascinating and worthy of study because they remind us that powerful radio technologies can be so simple and accessible. Tesla's transmitters produced high-voltage, sudden-pulse disturbances conducted through the earth at low frequencies. His radio is as taboo in official science as his wireless power, which works on the very same principles. Tesla said the radio physics of Hertz, still in vogue, was an "aberration," a "fiction." Modern radio took a lot from Tesla, but what did it ignore? Also in these pages: spark reconsidered, grounding rediscovered, low frequency revived, lament on solid state, underground radio, license-free radio, the suppression of amateur radio, carrier-current radio, radio-free energy.…

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