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Gold Prods for :Peak Atlas ESR 60/70 Tester

Gold Prods for :Peak Atlas ESR 60/70 Tester

Peak Electronics

  • $ 2900

A pair of stunning gold plated prods, primarily designed for the  Peak Atlas ESR70. These gold prods feature our new standard 2mm sockets, allowing them to be fitted to industry standard 2mm banana plugs. Even the 2mm sockets are gold plated. Each prod is 85mm long, is fully insulated except for the 5mm sharp gold tip. The slender design is ideal for reaching tricky parts of equipment whilst maintaining maximum safety and control.

***Please note, your ESR unit must be fitted with industry standard 2mm plugs to be used with these probes.

***These probes are ONLY suitable for ESR units with firmware version 4.1 or later.

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