Peak Atlas SCR100 Thyristor and Triac Tester

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The Peak Atlas SCR100 offering fast and reliable analysis of most thyristor and triac devices.It can generate gate test currents from 100µA up to 90mA and load test currents up to 100mA to enable the safe and reliable testing of these tricky parts. It will also identify the type of part under test, identify all three leads and also categorize the gate sensitivity. Automatic identification of component type (Thyristor or Triac), Automatic lead identification (just connect any way round!), Categorization of gate sensitivity (100µA, 500µA, 2.5mA, 10mA, 50mA, 75mA, 90mA), Load test conditions of 12V and 100mA (regardless of battery condition), Test pulse durations < 200µS minimizes possibility of damage to sensitive parts, Fault identification (shorted junctions, faulty operation, etc), New 100% SMD construction ensures small size and great reliability, Clear and user-friendly scrollable display. Supplied with detachable micro-hook probes.

Note : The Atlas SCR is suitable for many different varieties of Triac and SCR. It is not suitable however for devices that require a gate current of more than 90mA or a latching/holding current of more than 100mA. High power devices in bolt, disc, capsule, stack and module formats typically require higher currents than the Atlas SCR can produce.

Examples of SCR100 Outputs :

For more info see the Datasheet  and please see our Discussion Forum for advice on operation.
Peak Atlas : Userguide

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