PC Printer Port Relay Board, KIT - Requires Assembly

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$ 32.95


Do you have an old PC lying around the house which absolutely no one wants? Then you can convert it into a dedicated controller. Communicate with the real world via the parallel printer port on your PC. Simply connect printer cable from computer to Centronics connector on relay board. (Revised circuit 8/2001 replaces the expensive Centronics connector with a D25 right angled, PCB-mounted connector.) There are 8 relays each capable of switching 12VDC/10A or 240VAC/5A. Each relay has an LED to indicate when it is operated. We provide two sets of complete, stand-alone software to control the relays: one works under DOS so you can write your own batch files to control individual relays, the other under Windows 3.1. Windows software for KIT74 written 11/2002. W9x/NT/2000. software for KIT74 has been written by James Cameron.

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