OSM, NEMA23 Single Shaft 1A/127oz-in Stepper Motor

Stepper MotorSKU: 23HS22

$ 20.95


Brand New compact NEMA23 hybrid stepper motor from OSM one of the largest stepper motor manufacturers in China. This is a 1A, 1.8deg, single shaft model with holding torque 127 oz-in/0.9 N.cm in unipolar and 181 oz-in/1,28 N.cm in bipolar mode. The shaft is 7.5mm diameter and 19mm long. Connection is made through 6-wires (Black, Green, Blue, Red, white, Yellow) 500mm long stripped and tinned. See specification sheet for more details. This model can be re-ordered and supplied in bulk as required, email sales@alltronics.com with your RFQ for larger orders > 100.

The product datasheet is available here to view

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