Muscle Wire, Project Book - 3rd Edition

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"'MUSCLE WIRE PROJECT BOOK: Now Shipping - New 3rd Edition. If you’re interested in lightweight robot muscles, check this book out immediately!"
- Robot Explorer Newsletter
"A comprehensive, practical and clearly written user’s manual."
- Computer Craft Magazine
Presenting everything you need to successfully design, build, and operate devices with Muscle Wires - amazing nickel-titanium filaments that actually contract when electrically powered and lift thousands of times their own weight.
Topics include:
Basic lever action, ratchets and latches, model railroad crossing, AC power circuit, solar power circuit, paper airplane launcher, life-like butterfly, rubber tube "flexi", proportional control, radio control interface, programmable multiple wire controller & serial port interface, PC parallel port interface and much more. Boris the six-legged motorless miniature walking machine.
EXPLORE - Get the facts behind the unusual properties of Muscle Wires. Study their uses in heat engines, industrial, medical and aerospace applications, electronic and mechanical devices, prosthetic limbs, robotics, virtual reality systems, products and more.
LEARN - Get the essential Dos and Don’ts of designing, constructing and powering Muscle Wires devices. Take best advantage of their small sizes and amazing strengths. Discover essential tricks and secrets to getting maximum performance and lifetimes from your applications.
BUILD - Create dozens of devices from simple levers to multi- action robots. Get detailed instructions for fifteen hands-on projects (from simple lever mechanisms, to Boris, the six legged motorless walking machine), plus sources for wires, materials, electronic components, and software. Develop your own Muscle Wire projects for:
- Model Railroads
- Custom Electronic Devices
- Science Fair Projects
- Radio Control Vehicles
- Computer-controlled Systems
- Animated Models
- Ultra-small Machines & Robots
- Movie Effects
A complete and concise reference guide for engineers, designers, experimenters, students, and anyone interested in motorless Muscle Wire motion! Ages 10 and up. Soft cover, 128 pages.

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