MG Electronics, 0-20v, 10A Bench Power Supply

Power supplySKU: 95E020

$ 175


Variable Power Supply, Input voltage: 105-125VAC 60 Hz. Output voltage: 0-20VDC, front panel adjustable. Output current 10A maximum. Meters are provided for current and voltage. This is a solid analog type supply which can provide up to ten amps over it's range. Major Features: selectable ranges, 1% regulation, overload protection, power switch, fuse, power cord and binding posts on the output. This is an industrial power supply designed and manufactured to not only give you all the clean power your school, home electronics & models will ever need, it is made in the USA and will operate reliably for many years under conditions of hard use.

Other Features :

Input Fuse Protection Short circuit protection with auto reset
Low ripple
Heavy duty housing
Illuminated on/off switches
Multicolor bar coded display packaging

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