LTC1151 Linear Tech, Operational Amplifier

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The LTC1151 is a high voltage, high performance dual zero-drift operational amplifier. The two sample-and-hold capacitors per amplifier required externally by other chopper amplifiers are integrated on-chip. The LTC1151 also incorporates proprietary high voltage CMOS structures which allow operation at up to 36V total supply voltage.
–  Maximum Offset Voltage Drift: 0.05µV/°C.
–  High Voltage Operation: ±18V.
–  No External Components Required.
–  Maximum Offset Voltage: 5µV.
–  Low Noise: 1.5µVP-P (0.1Hz to 10Hz).
–  Minimum Voltage Gain: 125dB.
–  Minimum CMRR: 106dB.
–  Minimum PSRR: 110dB.
–  Low Supply Current: 0.9mA/Amplifier.
–  Single Supply Operation: 4.75V to 36V.
–  8 Pin DIP package.
–  Input Common Mode Range Includes Ground.

The product datasheet is available here to view

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