Linear Tech, Step-Down Switching Regulator #LT1074HVCT

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The LT1074 is a 5A monolithic bipolar switching regulator which requires only a few external parts for normal operation. The power switch, all oscillator and control circuitry, and all current limit.

–  Buck Converter with Output Voltage Range of 2.5V to 50V

–  Tapped-Inductor Buck Converter with 10A Output at 5V

–  Positive-to-Negative Converter

–  Negative Boost Converter

–  Multiple Output Buck Converter

–  5A Onboard Switch (LT1074)

–  Operates Up to 60V Input

–  100kHz Switching Frequency

–  Greatly Improved Dynamic Behavior

–  Available in Low Cost 5 and 7-Lead Packages

–  Only 8.5mA Quiescent Current

–  Programmable Current Limit

–  Micropower Shutdown Mode

All components, are included on the chip. The topology is a classic positive €œbuck€� configuration but several design innovations allow this device to be used as a positive-to-negative converter, a negative boost converter, and as a flyback converter. The switch output is specified to swing 40V below ground, allowing the LT1074 to drive a tapped inductor in the buck mode with output currents up to 10A.

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